in hidingMature

me and my brother ran back to the house and i hid him in his room then the police knocked on the door again they said they were wrong and that they were sorry and i forgave them. they then went back to the station and i went to tell my brother what they said he looked like he had seen a ghost and i laughed at that then he play punched me and we suddenly started to play fight laughing and rolling around when everyone was staring at us we straightened up then i left for work with my brother on my heels off to work himself. i came back from working as head of ceo it was tiring so i came back and took a shower then i made a cup of tea and watched tele, then later the phone was ringing so i answered it. it was stefen he needed my help with a project so i had to go over to help him. we both got back and started to train with him again and leo came down to watch this time...

The End

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