stopping doomsdayMature

my brother davis came to see me today we was just chatting when there was a knock on the door it looked like i had seen a ghost, i went to answer it and it was the police they saw my brother and started to come towards him with cuffs he looked scared they arrested him he looked at me i told him i would get to the police station he told me to hurry as he was scared he was going to change into the beast he regurly became. i rushed out the house and ran in front of the cops having a vision on the way of the beast coming out we both arrived at the same time. davis started trembling and changed i rushed to him and fell to my knees and the beast fell to his we joined hands and i shared memories of us 2 together having fun and he slowly changed back i hugged him and he cryed on me the police tried to drag him away but he clutched onto me and i protected him i was on fire the police were scared of me so me and my brother ran and disappeared into the skies.

The End

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