part 4 in the storyMature

the next morning i went to see the volturi and we had to discuss the future so we did then i saw a raven the symbol for death and i rushed outside to see someone bleeding to death so i had to heal him. then the volturi dragged me away to talk. i returned later to be confronted by edward about it, it was clear he knew that i had seen the volturi so i sat him down and told him what they had said he looked shocked like he had seen a ghost i told him to not worry but he was worried because he knew what the volturi were like, i could tell he was worried and promised to be careful. it was the middle of the day when the elders called for me to go up there so i did there was chaos everywhere the elders were scared, i talked to leo he was on about an attack on the whitelighters, so i brought the pack up and we got ready to challenge the people they came and we fought them using magiks the whitelighters watched in shock they turned out to be vampires so we jumped on them and staked them. the elders weren't the only ones watching me i had the feeling that the volturi were watching as well like an eagle. the elders thanked me for restoring order and i went home to stefen who had heard everything i told him about the chaos he looked shocked as we never had any problems like that since we became elders. we discussed the possibilities of why it happened then the sky turned black and it started to rain really heavly so we rushed into my house and had a cup of tea in front of the fire.

The End

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