going to see the whitelightersMature

later that day after me and george had discussed mitchell he suggested i go up to the elders and see what we could do about mitchell i agreed and changed into my robes and orbed up leo caught me as i hadn't orbed up for ages he was one of the elders like me he asked what was wrong and i told him about mitchell and what he was doing, leo called a meeting with the other elders, meanwhile at home mitchell was asking george where i was and he told mitchell that there was an urgent meeting calling all the elders together. in the skies we were discussing the options and stefen was with me the best option leo said was to 'leave him to do what he had to do' so we agreed and the elders told me about a meeting tomorrow to welcome new whitelighters so i agreed to come an hour before they started to help clean the place. we went home.

The End

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