helping stefenMature

so we dicussed what we was going to do and came up with a solution and we helped stefen with damon he looked so surprised to see us all before he was locked up and we went out for a drink and chatted to stefen about what we had been doing and he said its cool and then stefen asked us to stay for a while so we agreed and went to look for a house and we found the perfect one next door to stefens and it was a mansion we had a discussion and stefen was going home and saw that the house had been sold and then he saw the trucks and vans and we were throwing boxes at each other to set up in the house. stefen went into his place and let damon go and told him and their uncle about us. they were surprised, and we then went out and his family witnessed us getting in the jeep and talking on the phone to someone. stefen smiled.

The End

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