killing herrickMature

the young girl showed mitchell what was happening, the young boy found herrick in the cafeteria and they circled each other and then zadane leapt at herrick and bit him 3 times in the neck which killed him the others scarpered. zadane came back and we was all relieved. we took mitchell home where george told me about the full moon tonight so we agreed to change in the woods and zadane asked me what was going on so i had no choice i had to tell him that me and george turned into a werewolf once a month he looked shocked but said its okay and  that at least he knows where i disappear to for an entire 2 days we all laughed at that... later that night i went to the woods with george and we transformed for the night, then we hunted and shared a deer between us then in the morning mitchell and zadane came with fresh clothes so we got changed then i had to go and have a vision didn't i it was about mitchells club getting blown up by somebody who wants him dead just like herrick did.

The End

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