full moonMature

tonight it was the night of the pale-coloured full moon and the cold ones knew this. there was a young girl on her way home on this dark eventful night and there was a man in a white van he was waiting like a predator waiting for it's prey. the young girl didn't know that this was going to be the scariest night if her life. the young girl got home the man stalked her to her house where he waited in the hedges until she went inside. the man knocked on the door three loud knocks making the girl jump a mile. she answered the door and he said he was there to fix the boiler so she was there with her little sister and he walked forward then lunged at her and tried to attack her she pushed him away firmly and grabbed her sister and ran to her neighbours house. then the police came he said he was going to visit all the other villages they never found the guy...

The End

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