the journey to recoveryMature

the kidnapper was out on a hunting trip, therefore they continued into the lair where they came upon their leader bound and gagged on a sacrfice stone. blood slowly dripping out of his arm onto the design to open something both mysteroius and scary. their leader was unconcious and barely breathing so the cold ones untied him and layed him on the floor. softly one of them put her hand over the wound, then suddenly the lair was filled with a bright yellow light which came from the hand, it it magically healed the wound. the weather outside was terrible, it was raining with lightening clashing with the thunder in the black clouds. the cold ones supported their master out of the tunnel and stood in the miserable weather brooding over the body, in the end they dumped the body in a river and went home. if they thought it was over they were wrong it was just beginning... the body twitched in the silty river bed...

The End

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