Dark daysMature

Just somthing I wrote about a year ago. Post apoc stuff. It's not finished yet. Enjoy.

There on the table sat a SMG and a shotgun. On the edge of the table, a man slowly paced in a white tuxedo. He nervously eyed the weapons. He wished he hadn't half to do the thing he so badly needed before the overlord became displeased. He continued to pace through the casino lobby. "What's it gonna be Slack. You know what I want." A dark voice said. The man in the tuxedo(slack) spun around. "What the falk! How did you get here!" The second speaker grinned a cavity filled smile. "I go where I please with no interruptions Slack. But still I need that answer. NOW!" Slack pulled out a slip of paper. "Listen to me! I looked at the old computer chip and the city is almost nearly impossible to breach! Then even if we get in, how do we hack the storage facility. And th-." The man hushed him with a swift punch. The single upper cut was not powerful, but knocked the wind out of you. Then slack muttered: falk you and toppled over in a heap gasping for air. The man was now frowning and holding a pistol at his head. "Join or die. And believe me when I say I will enjoy killing you." "Is that a threat?" "No, it is called convincing with force." "Well I'm convinced." The man removed his pistol from his position on slack's head. "We will come back. In two days, the plan will commence. Be ready. Remember, if we pull this off we'll live in luxury for years to come." With that being said, he walked out the door of the casino.

The next day slack did what any greed driven man would do, he went down town for a stroll. He looked across the river. All that was left was a broken city, the closest thing was a AIG insureance building coliding with another office building. Slack wonderded how many people jumped off the AIG building during the second economic turmoil in 2046. All around him was the bustling of the market. After a nuclear apocolyps who would take controll of the world. The answer would be criminals. Drug dealers, weapons dealers, petty theifs, they ALL gained power. Drug dealers became drug lords,weapons dealers were selling weapons to everyone who wanted to surrvive, and petty theifs who stole pocket change and wallets were taking anything they wanted. Slack opened up his box of cigars. He was about to light when suddenly a young boy ran by him. "Spare a dollar sir? Please." The pitiful eyes of the boy were also begging. slack smiled, "sure kido." He handed him the dollar. The boy yipped gleefuly and ran off,presuably to the protein market. Slack reached for his wallet. He kept it in his shirt pocket. That way it would be harder to hijack. He pulled it out and checked his money. He still had a good 400 dollars. But that would soon run out. This bank job would be the only way. "Enjoy it while you can slack. I mean the tranquillity, the peace. It's great. But when you get involved with fighting and being a bully. Bad stuff can happen. Like this war with ourselves. It was another civil war. Not over slavery, or land. But over laws. Laws are the comandments that we place for peace. But fighting over them is hipocritical. Follow me on that?" Another new voice said quietly. Slack spun around and said"are you in on the money to?" The man smiled. "Yep,my names Shaky stinter. I'll be hacking the central control circut." "Hey how many people are in on this?" Slack questioned. "6,including you and me. We may be hacking a good 24 million out of this old bank. It held reserves incase of another economic turmoil like in 2046. Instead, the millitary took the money and used it to keep fighting a war. But a glitch in cyber-space caused the twenty four million to stay behind. Anyway do the math, each of us gets 4 million. Falk, I could live off that for the rest of my life!" Slack sat there. 4 million North American dollars. Life would finally be worth living. Slack got up. "Well then. I'll see you tomorow."

The next day, slack waited. He sat in the small lobby of his old, casino. With the money, Slack could fix his fathers gambling room up. Just for fun. He could turn the other half into a hotel. He could see it in his mind. Slacks hotel, we'll give some slack on the prices! A knock at the door inturupted Slacks daydreaming. Slack shuffled over to the door and looked through the eyehole. He then saw what appered to be a small piece of pipe. Slack realized that only to things could be there. A plumber with pipe, or a crazed gunman with the barrle of his gun pointed directly into the eyehole. Ansewer number 2 was correct. Slack dropped and a bullet streaked through the glass.

If you look carfully you will note that overlord and displeased are used. Time for a little explaining. You see , America was quickly losing money in the 2100eds. Debts had built up and the government desided that if the countries that we owed money to were ruled by the USA then all would equal out. Big mistake. They started by trying to attack European countries that they owed trillions to. Well no supries when European alliance launched a massive counter invasion. They stuck hard. America would soon regret the attack when new york was hit by a barrage of at least 1200 missles. China then knew that this was the time to get revenge on the place that owed them 9 trillion in debts. Some debts reaching back to 2020. The Euro-Asia alliance was made, and soon, old America was divied up between the countries that needed there moneys worth. Anyway, the island that slack lived used to be manhatten. But it now was the last american controlled outpost within the whole east coast. The place is controlled by a totallitarian government that has a so called overlord. The other countries wanted to stop the encursed war. So they leave the place be. Slack owed this overlord some "tax" money. And these men at the door were the overlord's henchmen.

Slack could here them hitting the door. He ran to the lobby and grabbed his shotgun. He had a reason for keeping it there. Another slam at the door alerted slack they were almost in. Grabbing his SMG, he fired away at the door. Coking the hammer of his shotgun. KA-BAM! A blast of pelets hit the door. Then slack stopped. He dropped the guns to the floor and walked forward. The pounding had stopped. And from the front of the door came a grunting. Slack slowly opened the door. There layed 4 men. All unconsious. Slack stood there. "That is why we are leaving this place. To escape from curuption and greed." A voice behind his head said. "Except for our greed." Another voice chimed in. Slack turned to the men behind him. There he stood. The man with the cavity smile. "You met Shaky here. But now meet the rest of the idiots, Doolitle here is named after the raid, and the fact that he has no perpose. Jim sarotanga is the only one that we new had a pilots licence he'll be here shortly. And finally, hulk. No real name. He was a grunt in the chinese imperial army before the alliance." Slack stared at the men. Doolitle was a big man. Torn shirt. Doolitle opened his mouth. But all that came out was a series of clicks. The man turned to slack. "Doolitle can't speek. But he knows morse code. He was a body guard for priminister hailsom of new german provnces. Shot in the head. The bullet removed along with his speech and memory. He just told you to stop falking staring at him." Slack looked over at the water border that held them from there prize. The cavity man looked at Slack." "We have a way. Jim was kind enough to lend us a boat. It will be ariving any moment. Then suddenly a roaring motor boat flew over next to them. The man named jim motioned them in. Slack turned around and said"hold on I need my guns."

"Understand that we are not tollarent of spies. In fact. I personally hate spies. Now are we going to have to resort to electroshock treatment. You better hope not. So lets try once more, WHAT WERE TWO MANHATTEN TERRITORYSPIES DOING SNOOPING AROUND THE NEUTRAL AREA." The correctional facillity in witch several men stood was one almost never used. It had been eighteen years since a spy had been caught. It stood in neutral land. One of several places around Manhatten that was not cotroled by anyone. Millitants dominated these sectors and the europeans were the only ones with the foothold. Control over 37% of brooklen bridge. No one gets in or out with this barricade. "Falk you. I said I'll talk if you get me back to Mexico. And retreive my family from Manhatten. I know the second I talk that you will authorize invasion of that Falking city. Or worse a total organic cleaning." The captured spy said. The interegarions expert shook his head. "Not possible. Not even we are brutal enough to do that. Organic cleaning is a weapon for savages." The spy laughed."You'll have no choice when I tell you what there planning." The man who was talking earlier leaned in close and said,"then tell us." "Sure. Just promiss me my family will get picked up and brought back." The spy replied. The man who had been talking earlier spoke again. "Fine. Me and my team will retreve them." The spy leaned back."The mass cannon." "That's a lie. The mass cannon is a urban ledgend." Said the interagations expert. "Mass cannon?" A man asked. "A rumored weapon. Somwhat like a domday device. Sends a signal to any unused nukes that were developed by American scientists. Any missle from stuff set in Iraq and Afganistan to stuff from the American re-revelution would fire and hit any location." "But a computor of that scale could take up a whole city's pow-." The spy nodded and said"Manhatten is a detonator for the mass cannon blast unit. Among the cities likely to be hit. This is one. The only way to stop the firing is to give them what was fought over years ago. Money."

Slack had gotten on the boat and were headed acoss. Other than a close run with a water mine, things had been smooth. Slack asked the chinese grunt about how he was mixed up in this job. He didn't reply. Slack looked around. "what about weapons?" He asked. "On the other side is a abandoned british troop barracks. We'll look there." Slack moved to the other side of the boat. Sudenly, and out of nowhere a SP 130 highspeed recon plane popped out over them. It flew silently twoard it's destination. Manhatten. Jack turned around. "we'er here."

"Corpsemakers, get ready to land." Lieutenit autin yelled in the hull of the SP130. The plane was fitted with a small cargo area. In it 10 men sat. The cabin jumped as the Vtol systems started up. Suddenly a alarm went off. "What the falk is that!" A marine yelled. "We are being targeted!" He kicked the door release. "JUMP!" The troops through off there harnesses and leaped off. The plane exploded as a barrage of missiles from a AA battery smacked into it. The men who did land safely ran out of the way as the plane tumbled out of the sky and into the edge of the bidge. Lieutenit Autin rolled over as the rest of the units scrambled. a peice of burning material nearly hit him. The body of the plane was still burning. Then a fuel tank filled with hydrogine and methane exploded. The body of the plane rolled off into river. This stirred up a already insane emporer of manhatten. Having seen he called his troops to that very spot on the brooklen bridge. "Everyone, guns ready! I am sure that a gunship is on it's way to deal with us!" The Lieutenit yelled. he ran over and helped up a couple of troops. All together there was 6 out of 10 alive. They ran over to the side of the bridge. Looking around they found a staircase. The men carged up it. At the top was a small box. Used when working on the bridges eletrical systems. Just then a small attack helicopter and a larger troop transport could be seen. The attack heicopter strangely instead went for the middle of the bridge. POW! POW! POW! The gunship released a salvo of high explosive missiles Into the bridges weak areas. A few rounds off the 27mm gat-cannon made short work of the support cables. The whip like cables snapped flying in all direction. The Autin grabbed his AR-38 automatic assault rifle. It had taken a beating when he jumped but you could still see CORPSEMAKERS written on the butt of his gun. The dropship hovered. It's 4 huge engines in a dimond connfigurration were each spinning 18 foot props. Then a group of men wearing red hats jumped out. Each equiped with a huge ugly shotgun. At that second autin through up his gun and streamed some tracers into the first redneck falker that hit the ground. His death alerted the troops to attack using. But with no range they quickly lost the advatage. Then the attack helicopter turned a headed twoard the battle. Then a marine snapped a sticky grenade onto the cables of the bridge. The extra thick snakelike whips hit the attack helicopter and ripped it to peices. But the cables arced round and then hit the dropship. Which caught afire and lost control killing the people below it. "Corpsemakers good job. We just started a war that could destroy the whole falking planet! And all in 4 minutes!"

Slack got out of the boat and looked across the river at the explotion. Now it would be real hard to get to the money. "WHAT JUST FALKING HAPPENED!" The hulk yelled. "I'm almost positive that was a RAF recon. Somthing big is getting set in motion." The cavity man yelled. Slack shook his head. Perfect. A war starts. Millitants hiding in the city a sure to get active. "Please say we're near that encampment. I don't fell safe with only a primitive homade shotgun and a small SMG." Slack said. No one answered. Slack rolled his eyes and walked out twoard the nearest building. "can we at least rest." Slack groaned. Jack turned his head. "Absa-falking-lutely not! Are you a moron? We need to find a vehicle. Or better a map. I know the cordinates. I need a global positioning system." Jack said. "One problem with that. There isn't woking satillite floating around anywhere in orbit." Slack retorted. "Really? I knew there were no american satillites. What about british ones or chinese for that matter." The hulk said. Slack sighed"Orbital cleaning act of 2105. Only 2 years before the war. All satillites were to be deactivated until funding for Planetary aerospace divition was moving again. The war is still going. No sattilites till the war is completely over on the west coast and I guess now the east coast." "Oh yeah. I forgot about that nasty buisness in California." "Anyway the encament is just a quater mile away." Jack said. "Fine. but if we get sniped. I will blame you."

The corpsemakers took the breif pause of helicopters to make a run twoard the city. Moving silently across the bridge was easy. Autin Checked the AR-38 magazine and discovered only 4 more rounds. He snatched a shotgun out quite literally out of a soldiers cold,dead hands. Now he was armed and ready. " Alright marines, We should head uptown. We need some vehicles! Anyone up for finding somthing that can carry all of us!" Autin yelled. "How about one of those rocket tanks at the other end, sir!" A marine replied. "Wait a second, ROCKET TANKS!" Suddenly a huge barage of missiles soared over there heads and smack down in the center of the bridge. Autin then realized they were finishing the bridge off. Trying to seperate them completely from the mainland! Autin looked over at the tanks and knew he had to stop them from firing. He cocked the shotgun and ran directly at the enemy tank. Within seconds he was infront of the tank. He quickly climed the tank forced open the top. From it he held on as that tank fired another group of rockets were fired. Then he fell onto the porthole that folded allowing him glide silently into the tank. He quietly snapped the neck of the crew. He then took control of the tank. Wasn't hard to drive. Pretty simple design. He pulled back into actual Manhatten and changed the rocket posotion to target the other tanks that were still volleying explosives unto the bridge. The inside of the tank shuutered as the rockets lowered. He locked his potion and calmly pressed a button marked fire. The onboard computor was confused but proceeded to obliterate the enemy. Just then the rest of the troops caught up. Autin poked his head out of the tank and told them to get on or in. "Booyah lets do some damage baby!"

Slack followed behind the rest of the group. Doolitle kept klicking-sorry, comenting on the ominous black buildings. Slack was quite curious to know what they were also. Just pure black. One of the building had a open door. The cavity man looked at the door. "Falk. Everyone fan out these building are definately controlled by someone. Slack toss me your SMG." Slack obeyed that command. He threw it under handed to the man. Then, mid flight a sniper bullet hit it sending it clatering to the ground. Slack dived to the ground as another bullet soared past him. Slack knew that the sniper, juging from angle of attack, was firing from the 5 floor of the nearest left building. slack looked at this building and realized there was likely more than one sniper. But if there was, why havent they massicered all of them. Slack slowly inched out of cover. Only to have a 7 inch bullet land in front of him. Slack ducked back in cover. Then out of the corner of his eye. The building door. Still open. Slack nawed his finger anxiously. Did he want to run twoard the door.

The End

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