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Chapter Fifty-Six: Not as Before

The first few spawns that came toward me looked oh so terribly amused. They must have thought I looked positively adorable, all hundred and twenty pounds of me, standing there with a sword in hand, facing them with a bad haircut on top.

With a jerk of the wrist, they extended a collapsed baton, walking slowly in. "Now, now, little girl. There's no need to play though, just lay your weapon down and come with us, the boss just wants to talk to you."

"Like hell he does." I answered.

"Oh well." He said nonchantly. "We're allowed to use force, he needs you alive, not intact." His attempt at being uncaring failed as I could just see how much he was anticipating this. I wasn't going to make an easy take down any harder.

He raised his baton in the air, ready to make it come down on me hard when I trust the tip of my sword through his chest. The amusement on his face shifted away, quickly replaced by incredulity, he just couldn't believe what was happening.

In my hand, the blade that Dylan had given to me came to life, ripping the man's ichor out of him, what little there was of it. On it's blade, the engraving flashed with a faint white luminescence, both side of the blade etched with Enochian words.

I am Tithe-Drinker, I take what is my master's due.
Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's.

I truly had no idea if it was originally there or if Dylan or another demon had added that, but it made the Spawn question their next move. The first one slumped down on the floor unceremoniously as I pulled the blade from his chest.

I took a step forward and they took one back. 

"You were talking all that good stuff a second ago. Then I killed your buddy like he was nothing. What's wrong, aren't you super strong demon spawns?"

I kept advancing and them moving back. Elevators were out of the question to use, they could just lock them down. I heard Tom behind me, watching our back. We advanced until I heard a monotone slow clap.

"Well done. An absolutely delightful performance." Gaap came toward us, the small army of Spawns that had accumulated splitting to let him pass. "But I'll have to call your bluff, magical sword or not, you simply can't take so many of us on your own. Or me for that matter."

"Hiding behind your spawns, that's hardly dignified of you, Gaap. Why don't you face me if you're so confident, Mano-a-mano like a real daimon would?"

"Ah trying to appeal to my sense of decency and pride, it won't work, little girl. I despise rules of engagement and all those pesky laws. They've held us back long enough. All I have to do is wait for the high-threat response team to arrive. regardless of your prowess, I doubt you have the capability to starve off knockout gas for long."

He was getting smart, which I felt was uncharacteristic of him. Or maybe he had only ever been confident to engage us in asymmetrical engagements before. 

"I guess we'll have to settle our difference in another way. Tom?"

"Right behind, you Amy."

I focused and set a stream of corrosive spray in their direction that hit the first row, making them shriek as it burned their exposed skin. It was horrible to hear, but I had no time to care for their feelings, especially as they wouldn't return the favor.

I bolted for the stair case and Tom followed me, falling down the stairs two at a time.

I heard Gaap screech "Get them!" from above us.

The End

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