Chaos in an Elevator ShaftMature

Chapter fifty-five – Chaos in an Elevator Shaft

I felt awkward dressed in suit trousers, shirt and tie. But it was nothing compared to inside. I was struggling to keep a straight face as I walked alongside dad. I knew Amy was close behind, keeping a safe distance. It felt weird, I wouldn't lie. I'd gotten so used to protecting her, the sudden switch was a little disconcerting. I knew it made sense for one of us to be near my dad in case something went wrong though.

Dad passed his card against a sensor near some plastic barriers. He was let through. My turn. I passed the card and the machine beeped, letting me in. I knew I wasn't meant to, but I glanced over my shoulder. Amy held her own fake card to the machine and stood there. I had a moment of panic, thinking it hadn't worked, then the machine let her through. I let out a relieved breath and turned back to the front. My dad was watching me carefully as we waited in the elevator.

“How do you feel?” he asked, surprising me.

“I've had better days,” I replied. Feeling down about your own life was nothing compared to worrying about Amy's safety. It paused on the twelfth floor and I froze, remembering Anna's warning. The door opened and a guy dressed in a business suit walked in, his eyes stuck to his phone as he pressed a floor.

“It's been a while since I've seen you, what you been up to?” the guy asked suddenly, surprising us both.

“Just taking some vacation time, it was overdue,” dad joked. The guy nodded, seemly satisfied with my dads answer. The elevator dinged to say we'd reached another floor and he waved as he left. I breathed a sigh of relief as the doors shut again. A hand appeared between the doors before they shut. The doors didn't stop fast enough and the fingers should've been crushed. They weren't.

I glanced upwards, seeing the hatch in the ceiling. I jumped and shoved the entrance out of the way. I climbed through and yanked a very surprised dad through in record time. I replaced the hatch and glanced around nervously. I saw a maintenance entrance nearby.

“Dad, keep going. I'll take care of this,” I said. He glanced at me, clearly unhappy to be asked to run.

“I can help you,” he said, some of the stubbornness I knew him for surfacing.

“You could get hurt, or worse,” I countered.

“So could you. I'm not leaving my son,” he replied. I let out a frustrated sound and looked at the small space before us. The hatch was pushed open and a very spawn-like hand gripped the ceiling to pull itself up. Something pulled it back down. I heard the rustle of blows and rushed to the hatch.

I saw Amy down there, fighting. Darius needed to teach me so much more. I was ready to go down there and help her, when the doors from the floor above us were forced open. The guy that glanced down at me looked like any human. But I knew that presence. This was the demon Anna had been trying to warn us about.

“Go,” I said, pushing dad towards the other side-door. “This will be for nothing if we don't learn what's going on,” I whispered before he could object. I could tell he wanted to argue, then he turned and left. I let out a breath of relief. It didn't last long as the guy jumped down, making the lift shake a little.

“So, you're the nephilim that causing the boss so much trouble,” he murmured, flicking grey eyes over me. I pulled my sword and held it out before me. He smirked at the gesture. “I'm not really interested in a promotion. How about you and your friends just leave, minus the girl,” he said.

“Not happening,” I said. Obviously he didn't realise the girl was downstairs, easily defending herself. He shook his head, chuckling softly. I wasn't prepared for his attack at all. I'd assumed Gapp was crazy powerful, but this guy was on another level. I felt air leave my lungs as he slammed me against the brick wall around the elevator. He held me there and I glanced down. No more elevator below my feet. I had a feeling my healing powers didn't extend that far.

“You don't even seem to worth the effort,” he muttered, loosening his grip. I lifted my feet suddenly, kicking his chest and flying him away from me. I reached forward, hands flailing and felt the falling sensation grow. Then my hands closed around the cable. They screamed as the mental cut into them. I gritted my teeth against it and climbed down quickly. I reached the bottom of the elevator and grabbed hold of a stable looking handhold. All that training with Darius had given me pretty good upper body strength. I stayed there, holding still. I had to hope he'd assume I'd fallen to my death.

The End

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