Breaking and EnteringMature

Chapter Fifty-three: Breaking and Entering

After making a lap around the building, as Tom took pictures of the place with an old polaroid camera, James' dad drove inside the underground parking, swiping his magnetic card in the reader which raised the barrier. Aside from a few neon here and there, the place was rather dark, rows after rows of car were neatly parked and we settled behind a large cement pillar that obscured the camera's view.

Everyone got out of the car and Tom took out his phone. "Anna's inside. But no go signal yet." 

There was a tangible sense of dread and anticipation in the air. Using his polaroids and some other things, Thomas started putting some kind of thingy in place on the hood of the car while James' dad stood next to him looking at the things and chatting in a low tone. I looked at myself in the side mirrors and grimaced at the sight of my hair.

"What is it?" James asked me, wrapping an arm around me, rather possessively, like he was afraid I'd vanish once more.

"I know it's not really the time for that... But the color faded..." I admitted, inspecting my hair again, which had grown about three inches since I had left for hell. I opened the door and took out my handbag and took out a pair of scissors and started chopping away, In the mirror, I could see his expression a mix of surprise and incredulity. 

"What are you doing?"

"I stand out way too much, they probably know what I look like and I'd stand out like a forest fire." I said as I continued the job. When I was done, my hair looked short and boyish, about two inches in length. "That's better, what do you think?"

"It's alright..." He mumbled and I punched him lightly in the kidney. 

"It'll grow back..." I said, shrugging. I brushed the cut meshes from myself and when they were all on the ground I extended a hand and projected a blob of black ooze, making a sizzling noise before disappearing, the locks of hair having been dissolved by the acid.

"You can do that thing?" He shuddered, remembering when a demon had thrown some of it at him. 

"It's not really hard, it's one of the thing Dylan taught me while I was away. It only eats organic matter though..." 

He sighed a bit. "I wish I could do those kinds of things, but Darius has been too busy to teach me more." He grumbled and I walked closer and kissed him quickly before fixing his shirt's buttons.

"You'll be alright." I whispered. "Beside, you and your dad are going after the documents, Tom wants the warlock for himself and I can deal with security when things go south."

"Guys?" James' dad interrupted us. "Bad news, we've got a new demon on hands, floor number twelve. Anna says we should avoid him..." He claimed, reading from Tom's phone. I walked closer and grumbled annoyed and shot a glance at Tom who was leaned against the hood, staring into six polaroids from around the building and another image from satellite photo at the center of an hexagram. He was murmuring or rather chanting something that I couldn't quite understand.

"Any idea what he's doing?" James asked, a brow arched at the image.

"He said something about spatial perception transference." His dad answered with a shrug. 

"He's changing his sense so he can scan the area, he's searching for something. And If I had to guess it's that warlock. Don't try to talk to him, he's not really there..." I said, knowing some of Tom's tricks.

There was an uncomfortable silence that dominated the scene for a moment as James squeezed my hand tightly, I could feel his heart beat through it. His dad was even more nervous, clearly out of his element in hostile territory and about to commit corporate espionage against demons... In his hand, he clung to the metal wallet that contained a pair of swords for Tom and himself who couldn't hide theirs like James and I. 

Suddenly, he snapped out of his trance with a wicked grin on his lips, looking positively insolent and wolfish. "I found them." He proudly announced. "The warlock and the Archon, I know where they are. Together in the third basement, where they probably have a sanctum and arcane lab installed."

"That's two floor underneath us." James' father replied. "While you take care of them, security probably will probably be too busy to notice my intrusion if they have to deal with you lot..."

"You don't sound so sure about that." I replied, seeing the nervous sweat on his hands and forehead. 

"Well, it's better than nothing, is it?" Tom commented. "Beside, we're already outclassed here, we can't really take took much chances..."

James opened his mouth to give his opinion when Tom's phone rang again, giving us the go signal. "It's Anna, we've got one hour to clear the place before daddy demon comes back." Tom declared. "Let's not waste time, then."

I gave James one last look and flash hugged him quickly. "Ok, let's do this."


The End

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