Being the BaitMature

Chapter Fifty-two: Being the Bait

Anna's Story

I looked at the towering building before me and preyed that the other remembered the plan. I really didn't want to see him again, but if stopping him meant stopping a war between heaven and hell? I had to do something. Earth would suffer during a war, my mum and Kelly have been through enough. I sent a text letting the others know I was heading in. I'd made sure they had memorised every plan I'd drawn. But even so, there was no telling what could happen. It's was mostly humans that worked here. But dad still had his spawns patrol the place dressed as security.

I released a sigh slowly, trying to calm my nerves. I shook out my shaking hands, clenching and unclenching my fists. When that was done I held my head high and altered my 'aura' or whatever it was. Anyone who could sense feeling would see nothing but confidence and maybe a little arrogance. Luckily they'd just think I was my father's daughter. I walked and was let straight through. Everyone in reception knew who I was. I tapped my foot impatiently as the elevator went up levels. When it dinged and let me out I walked quickly. I turned a fast corner and froze.

“Anna? Didn't expect to see you around here so soon,” Jakob said, his voice far too smooth and polished to be natural.

“I have something important to tell my father,” I replied, walking past him. I ignored the shivers that passed through my skin when my shoulder brushed his. He chuckled and I knew before I turned that they'd be a smug grin on his face.

“Still trying to act like you don't want me? After that night you can't really deny it,” he said. I rolled my eyes. Trying not to stare to hard into his stormy grey eyes. A demon could mesmerise you that way.

“It's called a combination of being sad, alcohol and you just happening to be the nearest guy. Get over it,” I said. Spitting the last words out. I spun and left quickly. Well aware of his gaze watching me. When I was out of sight I pulled out my phone again. I should warn them that Jakob's around. He isn't a spawn, he's a full demon like Gaap. The only real difference is Jakob had intelligence, which made him all the more dangerous. I shut my phone, hoping they just didn't encounter each other. I didn't want to tempt fate that way. And as much as Jakob annoyed me, I didn't want to see him dead. I approached dad's office door and raised my hand, reinforcing self-assurance as I did.

“Come in,” he said. I could tell instantly that he was in a rotten mood. Probably because Amy had gone off the map.

“About time. Did you miss my message?” he said, standing up and coming round the table. I resisted the urge to veer away and crossed my arms.

“Look, it's kind of a long story. And I haven't eaten breakfast or lunch yet today,” I said. Not a lie actually. I'd been too worried that fear would get the better of me and that I'd throw up. He glared at me for a few moments before sighing. He pressed his phone to let his secretary know he would be out for an hour. She said something about a meeting and he cut her off sharply. He grabbed his coat and wallet and led the way. I sent the pre-written text, adding the time frame. They had an hour. They'd better move fast.

The End

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