A Concrete PlanMature

Chapter Fifty-one: A Concrete Plan

I paced a little, trying to take it all in. Three days to me had been half a year to her? And now Amy was saying that not all demons were bad. I didn't know what to say to most of it. But I'd already had a plan for learning more about the demons. I turned to Anna and I could tell by her expression that she knew what I was going to say before the words left my lips.

“We need to get into that building and look around,” I said. Anna's face fell and she looked around for support that wouldn't appear from Tom or Amy.

“Okay, fine,” Anna sighed, running a hand through the tangle of curls that covered half her face.

“Okay. I can get us in through the basement levels. I know a route to avoid the camera. But once we get out of the lifts and into the main offices there isn't anything I can do,” Anna explained.

“It's better than going in blind, thanks,” I said. Anna shrugged and sat down, grabbing a notepad and scrawl a map and directions on.

“The best chance for you guys to pull this off is to dress like your run of the mill office workers. I'll call my dad and tell him we need to meet up in secret to discuss things. Hopefully I can act well enough that he believes what I project,” Anna bit her lower lip nervously at the idea of trying to trick her father.

“I'll text you when he's out. Here the directions to his office. But to get in there you'll need a high-level key card. That's where your dad needs to come in James.” I stared at Anna for a second, trying to figure out if she was kidding. I grabbed my phone and texted dad, not liking the idea of involving him in the slightest.

“Okay, so we get in and look around?” I asked.

“Yes,” Anna said. “But you'll only have ten minutes to do it in. Whenever someone other than my dad enters the office my dad keys in a password to his computer that tells security they're meant to be there. If its not received by them after ten minutes they'll send guys in. They may dress like security, but they're spawns,” Anna explained. I rolled my eyes, of course. More spawns to kill.

“So we get in the office and look around, but what are we looking for?” Tom asked, crossing his arms. Anna hesitated before gulping.

“I don't know to be honest. This was a private project, so only a select few knew about it. And even then most of them didn't really know what they were dealing with of course. The name of the project was 'Genesis'. Grab any files on that, and we might be able to do something” Anna explained. Her cheeks looked flushed from speaking so fast.

“Appropriate name,” I commented dryly. Anna shrugged and handed me her scrawlings. A map through the basement levels from a back entrance and a second map to her fathers office were on it. “I need to go out for some air,” she muttered, standing up abruptly and leaving the room. I hoped Anna didn't work herself into too much of a panic.

“You guys can search the office. But I have a suspicious the warlock works there as well and intend to track him down,” Tom said. Me and Amy nodded before looking at each other.

“I sense big couple talk coming up, so I'm off,” Tom excused himself. I laughed quietly to myself at his words before meeting Amy's gaze again.

“I missed you,” she said, stepping forward and wrapping her arms round me. I returned the embrace and buried my face in her hair.

“You need to stop disappearing on me,” I murmured. She gave small laugh, the sound vibrating through her body and into mine.

“I don't mean to,” she defended, pulling away slightly so I could see her sad expression. I bent down and kissed her, not holding back as it grew deeper. We didn't break it off as we left the living room and went into Amy room. We collapsed on the bed and got lost in each other.

The End

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