Questioning MotivesMature

Chapter Forty-nine: Questioning Motives

Anna's Story Again

I made it further down the streets when I felt shivers go down my spine. Someone was opening a gate to or from hell. Either way it couldn't be a good thing. I found the nearest side street and hid behind a load of bins. At least the smell should protect me from the more dangerous things. I shuddered remembering dad's 'pets'. Dogs had nothing on hell-hounds. I heard footsteps on the pavement come closer and tried to calm my breathing. At least they sounded human, of course Choronzon was about - so human sounding didn't mean good. The steps stopped and I suppressed the urge to curse, they'd found me. I got ready to run the other way when a blade suddenly fell right before my eyes. I tripped backwards against the bins with a loud metallic crash. At least I hadn't got any trash on me.

“What are you doing here?” I looked up as I recognised Amy voice. But her stance and her voice suggested suspicion rather than friendliness.

“There was something I had to do,” I muttered, standing up and wiping dirt from my jeans.

“And what about you? James has been going nuts worrying about you,” I retorted before she could push for more information. It was bad enough my dad knew about my mum and sister. I didn't want these guys using them, as leverage either. Though I doubted James was capable of something like that, nephilim or not. Her face fell a little and she dropped her arm. I let out a breath of relief, having blades pointing in my direction was becoming to recurrent for my liking.

“I had something I had to do as well,” Amy finally replied. I crossed my arms and wanted to push for more, but if I did that she'd do the same to me.

“Well, at least your back and okay,” I said, not to mention she reeked of hell. It practically glowed like an aura around her. James would be able to sense it as well as we approached the house. I pulled out my phone and sent James a text saying I'd found Amy. Better to let him know than have him thinking there's a fight approaching. The reply text was very un-nephilim-like.

“You're boyfriend swear when he's mad, a lot,” I said, showing Amy the text. She frowned, taking my phone and reading it.

“Do you think he's mad at me?” Amy asked, her voice worried. I blinked at her and burst into laughter.

“Nah, he's mad at me. He'll be glad to see you again,” I said. I contemplated telling her about James and his growing depression, but shrugged the thought away. It'd go away when he saw her again. The clouds thundered above us and a split second heavy drops poured.

“It was nice and warm a second ago,” I whined. When I looked at Amy her expression was concerned. Lighting streaked the air and the sound of thunder was scarily close to follow.

“Let's get home,” I suggested. Amy nodded and we walked quickly.

“You know James will make you tell him what happened. If you just tell me and it isn't anything important I'll tell him not to worry,” Amy said. I glanced at her, considering it. James would want to know, and he has no issues using his damn sword as a threat. All he needed was a twisted morale compass and he'd be one scary guy to deal with.

“Okay, I borrowed James old house keys-”

“You mean stole,” Amy corrected. I sent her a side-glare before continuing.

“I borrowed them,” I said with extra emphasis. “And gave them to my half-sister. Whatever happens I don't want her and my mum in danger.” Amy studied me after I spoke and I wanted to yell 'what?' at her. Instead I shoved my hands in my pockets and used that strange thing called patience everyone goes on about.

“They're why your helping you're dad,” Amy concluded, turning away from me.

“You think I actually wanted demons to kill angels?” I asked, aware of how offended I sounded.

“No,” Amy replied with a small smile. I looked away from it, these people were so nice it was freaking me out a little.

The End

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