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Chapter Forty-Seven: Chatting with Sam

Samyaza offered me his hand and I reluctantly took it. I felt myself move across the dimension like before with Dylan. Contrarily to how hell worked, I didn't pass through any gate or portal, instead we just disappeared and reappeared elsewhere in the trademarked clouds of ashes that the Grigori formed when moving like this.

I coughed the particles that has gotten in my throat out before commenting. "You have to tell me how you guys do that trick... Dylan showed me how to open portals, but this is nothing like it."

He, just like the others, didn't seem the least bit affected by the cloud. "That's because he can't." He simply affirmed, as we walked forward to a den furnished with luxurious couches and sculptures. 

"He talked to me about the special 'signature' abilities some demon develop, like his messing around with time. Is that it?"

He sat down and snapped his finger, a servant coming into the room asking us for what we wished. He ordered a carafe of wine before turning toward me. I just shrugged and and servant left, coming back a moment later with a pair of glasses and the carafe. 

"Yes and no, although many angels and demons learn new tricks which they jealously keep from others, what we do is a bit different but owe it's origin to such a special ability. Your father, Samael had a special thing for modifying bodies, physical or astral, that's how Choronzon is able to live in your world, thanks to a specially created husk. Another of such modifications was used in the war and helped us gain a certain advantage against angels; Wings."

"I haven't seen anybody with wings, angel or demon." I commented, making him unbutton his shirt and turning toward me. All along his back, racing along both side of his spine were tattooed tribal wings. 

"We only manifest them when we need them, no point in making them a nuisance. That's why when we move from one place to another, there's an explosion of dust, it's the wings forming and disappearing. Now, we don't use them to fly per say, instead we use them to glide on what you could call etheric currents. There's a certain flow of energy that permeate all creation which connects everything. Angels have long since developed their own wings, but use a slightly different method."

I nodded, thinking it must have been something rather useful to posses. "Those wings, how do you get them? Is it only my father who can create them?"

"We can do them ourselves, but it takes time about two weeks of constant engraving and weaving energy... Your father could bestow them or take them away instantly."

"Woah..." I muttered. It was something hard to accept, that I was the daughter of the man who was probably the most powerful being that existed, especially since I knew that everybody expected so much out of me... "Can I ask you a question?"

"Shoot." He said, leaning closer his expression clearly interested in what I was about to ask.

"Why are there nice demons like you and Dylan and others like Gaap, Anna's father and Ahriman who are borderline comic book super-villain level of evil?"

"To put it in a rather short manner; When we fell, a non-written pact of warfare was formed on how to threat humans. The balance dictated that we wouldn't interfere directly in the affairs of mortals, we would create half-breeds like spawn and nephilims to work for us and all us fully fledged angels and demons could do was whisper to people's ear like the proverbial angel and devil on one's shoulder...

But then a little under twenty years ago, both sides began to break the deal. As you might have guessed, it was around when Samael vanished from the lower worlds... The angels saw it as a moment of weakness for demons, demons saw it as an opportunity to move forward.

The Grigori still strive to reestablish the balance but our influence is limited, we can only cover the lower worlds effectively. Right now, we're in the middle of one of the most chaotic period of history; the upper world is embroiled in a civil war and here the archons are doing everything to become the next Rex Mundi, their plans resting mostly on seizing you and using your blood to ascend."

Once he finished speaking, there was an awkward silence between us as we both sipped our drinks while he stared at me and I stared at the ground. "You're awfully quiet. What's on your mind?"

"I'm just confused, everything used to be so simple, demons were baddies, angels where absent jerks... Now both sides are with an against me at the same time..."

"Well, if it helps; Any demon beyond Choronzon that you'll meet on earth will be an enemy. Ahriman is trying to ascend and he's gathered a large group of allied demons. That's why he was summoned and bound, so he can direct the operation himself. As for angels, they are so busy currently, I doubt they'll have much time to do anything, if they do, don't trust them..."

"I have another question; if I'm both angel and demon, why is it that I'm always feeling the power of the latter part of my being? It feels like I'm always tapping into the demon inside of me."

"Because that's who you are, the ichor doesn't dictate who you are, it only magnify it. You carry the same love for life and passion that the original fallens such as Samael, Choronzon and I had. But you also care about more than yourself, that is the angelic part in you, it doesn't power you, instead it drives you toward your goal."

I nodded. "I think I understand now."

The End

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