Missing AmyMature

Chapter Forty-Six: Missing Amy

“I hate that teacher, he's just picking on me on purpose,” Anna muttered, glaring at the detention slip in her hand.

“You tried to throw a compass at his head,” I replied, recalling the whole thing. He was having a go at her for not bothering with her maths homework for the third time in a row. Anna told him she hadn't had the time which was partly true. She had been helping me track down and fight a lot of bad guys. When he refused to buy her excuse she got mad. She started swearing loudly before grabbing her compass and throwing it blindly in his direction. Everyone in the classroom starred at her like she was insane. A few glanced at me, actually feeling a little sorry for me as I buried my face in my hands. Thankfully it was the last lesson. Though no doubt it'll be all over the place by tomorrow lunchtime.

“This is why I hate school,” she said with a sigh, shoving the piece of paper in her back pocket.

“This happen often then?” I asked with a laugh. She sent me a dark look and I stopped laughing. I didn't want to be the next compass target.

“Yes, it does. Did you miss the 'difficult' child thing I mentioned?” She said, her voice edged with extreme annoyance.

“Ah. I figured it was just skipping school and being anti-social like I was,” I replied, feeling a little dumb as I said the words. She was half-demon, of course she'd be easy to anger.

“I did that too, but only because I was sick of everything. The girls talked about pointless crap and the guys were either scared of me or trying to get into my pants,” she said with a shrug, her eyes glancing outside the corridor windows.

“I was sick of it all too I guess … everything just felt pointless,” I murmured, wondering why I was even telling her this. She sent me a side-ways look before stopping. She did a quick check to make sure we were alone.

“How did you die?” she asked, I could tell by her expression the question had been bugging her for a while. I considered lying to her but knew I couldn't. Not after she'd told me so much about herself.

“I killed myself,” I replied bluntly. She stopped walking, starring at me in shock. I ignored her and kept walking. After a few moments she caught up.

“Isn't that a little extreme? I mean I know this world sucks and all but-” she started to ramble and I drowned her out.

“Look, I'm really not interested in the spiel,” I said sharply, stopping her mid-sentence. She drew in a breath, studying me. Her eyes looked hurt but all it did was make the muscles of my jaw tighten further.

“Fine. Just don't do something dumb. Amy will be coming back,” Anna said. I ignored her, I wasn't about to discuss how badly my thoughts had been spiralling since Amy left. I hadn't realised how much of a beautiful distraction Amy had been. I subconsciously wrapped my hand round my wrist. Horribly aware of the fresh scar under my sleeve.

“Has your dad tried to contact you? You'd think he'd want an update by now,” I said, changing the subject. Anna laughed dryly, checking her phone.

“No missed calls or texts. He probably figured from the start I'd die. One less thing for him to worry about. He just annoyed because I make him send money to my mum. But I figured it was the leats he could do after ditching her with a demonic kid,” Anna said. She snapped her phone shut and opened the main entrance doors. Outside it was raining and I pulled my hood instantly. Anna wrapped her arms around herself, having not bothered with more than a thin jumper. I signed and took off my hoodie throwing at her. She caught it barely, surprise flashing across her face. She opened her mouth to object but I'd already walked out the main gates. She caught up to me, sending me side-glances.

“Thanks,” she finally murmured. I shrugged, it wasn't that far to walk.

The End

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