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Chapter Forty-Five: Visiting Hell

Two demon were standing in front of me, both with their swords raised in a defensive position. They methodically walked forward, closing in one me from both sides. Even from several meters away, I could feel the ichor in them boiling, their eyes were large black circles that reflected everything like mirrors.

The first one dashed forward trusting the blade at me. I stepped leftward, avoiding getting impaled on the medieval long sword by a fraction of an inch, the sword passed by, making as tiny slice in the clothes I was wearing. Without look, just following my instinct, I raised my blade horizontally above my head, blocking the sword of the other demon. 

The first one moved back and snarled, his eyes getting concealed behind his red mane of hair. The other one swung the weapon again, making quick slashes from both sides. I parried as best as I could, sending sparks all around when the weapons clashed, but his strength was just greater than mine.

I faltered for an instant and the red headed one was back in the fight, preparing to slice me in half. He sprinted to cover the short distance between us and then jumped, whirling his heavy sword down at me. I felt the rush of ichor coalesce into my right arm, exulting glowing darkness. The blade hit the aura and rebounded, leaving the grasp of it's owner who clumsily landed, his momentum completely derailed.He crashed right into me, making both of us fall down to the ground.

The demon who still had a sword saw the opening and tried to stab me while I was down but I moved his friend in the way, making him take the hit instead. He screeched, from pain and irritation from being wounded by his ally.

He didn't get much chance to whine so more as I quickly took it's head off as I landed on my feet. The Demon decided to try one of his own trick, disappearing in a cloud of dust. I stood alone for a moment, walking toward the decapitated corpse. As I did, I counted down; 3... 2... 1...

When I reached zero, I spinned my sword around, using the strength of all my upper boddy to slice the demon who has reappeared behind me. His empty eyes looked almost surprised.

"Congratulation, Girl." Dylan said, applauding my from the room's entrance. "Two demons at once, quite an improvement from when we started."

"I still feel bad for those guys, I didn't have to waste them..."

"Oh, you know how daimons are, we do everything to the maximum. Don't worry, they'll reform in an hour or two." He said as I arrived next to him.

"I nodded absently feeling drained. So, where are you taking me now? Let me guess, the realm of barbecues with the juiciest meet you'll ever see."

He chuckled at my comment. "Actually, I had something else in mind. YOu can obviously take care of yourself, I've got two Grigori who can attest so. Why don't you go around on your own for tonight?"

His offer was quite mystifying, ever since I'd come to this place, he'd been watching me like a hawk. But now I guess I had his approval and he considered me capable. "I think I can handle myself for an evening." I replied, walking out toward the intricately sculpted stone arch that was the Axis mundi of his domain.

I formed the mental image of what I wanted and I stepped through. The decor changed immediately, the wind blowing gave place to screams of agony, the smell of sulfur was all around and I could feel the heat from several meters away. 

I walked forward approaching the pits, some where filled with molten brimstone, other with thorns or stinging insects. There were people watching over the pits where prisoners screamed and writhed in pain. 

"So, you have an evening to yourself and this is the entertainment you choose?" Someone declared behind me. I turned around and faced the semi-familiar voice only to recognize the captain of the Grigori I had met when I had first arrived here. 

"I was curious, Dylan's been doing everything he can to make me see the cool places, but I knew this existed... Why is it that there are places of pleasure but also abominable ones like this?" I asked, my hands clenching into fists.

"Maybe you should look closer, you'll know why..." He responded, I asked him what he meant and he pointed toward a group of men in leather beating a skinny guy. "It's only once you've spoken to these people you understand; These guys were Hell's angels, bikers, the guy they're going after? A child molester, he killed four kids. Say what you want about the Hell's business, they've got a soft spot for children. Over there, you'll find rapists and their victims, next to them you'll find murderers and people who've lost family to killers. Few find the one who wronged them, but they get a sense of justice being administered. Listen well, we don't impose any of such punishment, the inhabitants do it to others, many of those victims had to choose between revenge or paradise. The upper world don't accept people who hold violent grudges. They have to let go or wander eternally between worlds until they end up here."

"I hadn't though to that..." I muttered looking down. 

"Your name is Amelia, right?" He asked, and I nodded. "Well, tell me then, would you like if we got somewhere more pleasant to discuss, this locale is rather aggravating..."

"Alright... Samyaza."

"Please, call me Sam."

The End

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