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Chapter Forty-four: Anna's History

Anna's Story

I knew as James approached them that he'd have no trouble. I was just putting off going anywhere near my dad. I might be able to fake emotions, but I was a bad actor and he'd see right through any story I made up. I can still remember the conversation that landed me in this whole mess …


I leaned back in dad's work chair as he cursed down the phone line. I raised an eyebrow at him when he ended the call and faced me.

“Get off there,” he muttered. I wasn't about to be the target for his bad mood and stood up pronto. I sat on one of the chairs facing the desk instead.

“What went wrong this time?” I asked, crossing and uncrossing my fingers in boredom.

“Stillborn. Again,” he growled, taking his chair. I smirked and he knew why. Based on his expression he didn't want to hear my thoughts again.

“I'm telling you. The only way you're going to make a half angel and half demon kid is with love,” I said with a shrug.

“I made you without it, I can do so with this,” he muttered in response, his brow etched with deep furrows as he studied the computer screen. He sighed and turned to face me.

“What we need is to get hold of Samael's daughter,” he said, turning his screen round so I could see street camera photos of her. She had a bob streaked with purple and pale skin. Her clothes didn't yell 'fitting in' either.

“She doesn't look that tough, why can't you just grab her?” I asked, checking my phone in case my mum or half-sister had texted me. As usual they hadn't, they were used to me being out all hours of the night.

“She has a magician and a nephilim protecting her. Not to mention an angel who'll step in if those two fail,” dad explained. I made a whistle sound and flicked through the shoots he'd taken. In one I saw a guy walking with her.

“He's kind of cute,” I murmured. Dad shook his head and me and stood up.

“If I can get hold of her, I can analyse her make-up. Then I won't have these failed births with the angels. I can make one in a lab instead,” dad explained.

“It still won't work. Though I'm glad you've decided raping angels should stop,” I said, barely hiding my disgust with sarcasm. He decided not to answer, instead turning on the spot to study me.

“What?” I asked, not liking his expression. That expression always led to me doing some dumb mission for him that nearly always ended badly for me.

“You have an ability uniquely qualified for this situation,” he began. I rolled my eyes, he could at least think up a new opening line.

“I am not going near a nephilim. I intend to live,” I said, standing up and slinging my school bag over my shoulder. I headed towards the door but he grabbed me before I could. Both hands gripping my shoulders painfully.

“Have you forgotten what I told you? If you don;t do as I say your mother's in danger. So deliver that girl to me. And if you happen to convert the nephilim that's good too. Could use someone who know show to fight,” Dad muttered the last part, releasing me. I could feel my breathing was unsteady and gripped the straps of my bag tighter. His threats were always serious, and he'd use my mum more than once as a bargaining chip. I hated it, hated that he'd managed to find me.

“Fine,” I muttered, crossing my arms. “What's the plan then?”


James struggled a little with the vampire but managed to get his head off. Though he had a nasty looking cut on one leg from the second spawn. He stood there, collecting himself. I could tell by the way he'd fought that some of this was a way to relieve stress. That could be something I could use. At the end of the day, all spawns are ever after is a good fight.

The End

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