Chapter Forty-Three: Arrival

"Why are we in a nightclub?" I asked, yelling over the music. 

"You were expecting fire and brimstone, weren't you?" Dylan replied with a chuckle. "There's a second reason I wanted to take you here, to demystify the lower worlds, so you can see beyond the preconception people and Malakim entertain of it."

People all around us didn't seem to care for us, instead dancing to the beat of the music. I let my sense scan the surroundings for anything menacing. They weren't trying to hide and so I could feel several dozens of spawns and demons, even scarier, in the distance I could feel something massive and powerful. I knew what it was; an Archon.

Dylan took my hand and led me through the crowd toward an entrance with a glowing 'EXIT' sign above it. I was about to ask questions when he began to speak, loudly enough so I could hear him.

"Alright, the way things work here is that the plane is divided into many small realms, like this one. To go from one to another, you must pass a portal, an Axis Mundi, and have an image in mind of where you want to go. You don't have to picture the place exactly; just the concept of it, then, just pass through the gateway and you'll be elsewhere."

He pulled me closer and opened the door, dragging both of us through it. The place changed and instead we stood in a large plain covered with ashes...

"Home sweet home! Every archon has it's own realm, this is mine. As it is quite obvious, it's been vacant for quite some time..." He raised his hand and muttered something in enochian I didn't quite grasp beyond the word 'Awaken'. The whole place shook and a structure came out from the ground. It was one large spire of black stone, made of one uniform block of the material. 

When it finished, he lowered his hand and turned toward me.

"This is where we'll be staying for the duration of this little trip. You'll notice a few things about this world, first you cannot die no matter how wounded you get, you'll regenerate, even from dust, in a matter of hours. Second, you won't feel the need to sleep no matter how much you exhaust yourself, you'll feel tired but won't be able to sleep, to 'rest' you'll have to fulfill the pulse of your ichor, go out clubbing, have sex or pick a fight in the arena those kinds of things. You won't find any shortage of opportunity to indulge in them here."

He started walking with a fast pace and I followed him, he climbed the tower and stepped out onto one of the balcony. He stopped in the middle of the platform suspended over the air and waited for a second or two. 

Seven or so figures appeared all around us, on the ledges of the balcony, when they formed, they created an explosion of ashes, forming small clouds around them. They all bore swords and I took out my own, the one Dylan had given me out, preparing to fight.

The demon in the center of the group spoke to Dylan. "It has been over a quarter of century since you've last walked this world, Choronzon, is this girl the reason of your return?"

"Indeed she is, the middle world was not an apt place to train her to master her power. I don't suppose you have anything against this?" Dylan responded, seemingly unworried. 

"We fulfill the command of Rex Mundi even now, Has the girl chosen to remain here?"

"No she hasn't, although I am quite bent on convincing her to do so, after all we know her legacy and can't really afford to let her chose the sides of the Malakim."

The guy in charge in the demons nodded before speaking again. "Then she is granted protection as is customary." He declared, getting back up, I had the feeling he was about to l;eave so I hailed him. 

"Wait! Who are you?"

He turned toward me and exploded in a cloud of dust. I felt something behind me and the sword was ripped out of my hand. "I suggest that you learn the laws of polite discourse in this realm." He whispered to my ear.

"First, never have a weapon unsheathed when speaking to another. Second, always present yourself before approaching someone. Third, if you are going to be rude, at least know how to fight."

He kicked the sword away from me and stepped back a few steps. Eyeing me expectantly. 

"I"m sorry for that, I'm Amelia Thorne..."

"Daughter of Samael." He completed. "We know who you are. All the Archons and Grigori know about you. My name is Samyaza, one of the captain of the Grigori."

"If I may ask, who and what are the Grigori?"

"Samael although not one for rules and regulations, create a handful of laws that govern this domain; None may be forced into Gehenna, unless they choose so. One may not permanently destroy another unless he is victorious in an honorable duel. The word is law, one who pact shall follow his end of the bargain of face annihilation. The Gates of the lower world are open to all, none may be refused entry. Finally, one shall obey the will of the archons in their realm or he shall depart immediately without trouble." He recited the words solemnly, like he had learned the words by heart. "The Grigori are in charge of maintaining the peace around here... What little of it there is."

"We'll be seeing you it seems..." He then said, all of them vanishing in the same manner they came...

The End

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