Demon HuntingMature

Chapter Forty-two: Demon Hunting

I felt wind stirring and stopped speaking. I knew both Anna and Tom felt it. I saw the piece of paper and realised quickly that Amy was nowhere to be seen.

I'm sorry, I can't tell it to you directly. But I must go, it's important and I don't have time to explain now.

I read the note over and over again, trying to ignore my rising anxiety. Tom and Anna both looked at the note too. I looked up to meet there gaze, both looked about as clueless as I felt.

“Amy wouldn't just take off without telling us ...” I thought out loud, except she had wanted to. I could tell by the words she did.

“Maybe your angel friend will know?” Anna suggested. I shook my head, Darius would've felt my panic and confusion by now. If he was going to respond, he would've.

“All we can do is look for clues, and I suspect she isn't on this plane anymore,” Tom said, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. He starred out the window with a deep frown.

“Okay ...” I begun, “But she wouldn't go anywhere alone. Right?” I asked. Tom nodded.

“Oh, maybe Choronzon. He probably wanted to teach her how to use her powers,” Anna said with a gasp. I didn't like the thought of her being in the lower worlds. Why had Darius never thought of this? I told him we needed to teach her to defend herself and yet he kept avoiding the matter.

“Okay, we've all met him. And according to Amy he's safe,” I said, beginning to pace. My hands clenched and unclenched at my sides with each step.

“Well yeah. Everyone in the demonic world knows about the guy that banged an angel. Choronzon was a pretty close friend,” Anna replied with a shrug.

“Okay … so what do we do now?” I asked. I'd spent the last few weeks worrying about and protecting Amy. I felt a bit lost without her around now.

“Prepare for when she gets back. Now you're not limited to staying in the house,” Tom said. I frowned at him, unsure what he was saying.

“You want to drag him demon hunting?” Anna asked, her voice only mildly annoyed.

“No, I need to stay here and find out more on Dimitry. And hopefully the name of the demon he's serving,” Tom said.

“Hang on, if that's what we're doing. Wouldn't it make more sense to investigate where my dad works?” I suggested.

“Hell no, dad's company is crawling with demons. You'd never make it out of there alive without more skill,” Anna muttered. Me and Tom exchanged a look before glancing back at Anna. She looked between us, sensing what we were thinking.

“Oh hell no, there's no way I'm being undercover cop!” she wailed.

“Why not? Your father trusts you, right?” I said. Anna shook her head violently.

“Are you kidding me? My dad only showed up because I was a convenient person for him to use,” Anna explained.

“How long have you known everything then?” I asked.
“Dad found me three years ago. Before then I was just a 'difficult' child,” she replied, making air quotations with her fingers. James could relate to that label, his parents have been thinking it for years.

“Okay, fine. We'll up my skill. And then we'll go to where my dad works,” I decided. Anna didn't look happy about the idea but nodded. I looked outside and saw the sky was already darkening.

“It's getting closer to winter,” Anna commented behind me.

“Come on,” I said. Anna blinked and I saw her open her mouth to object.

“Who's going to know how to beat spawns better than you?” I stopped her. I could tell she wanted to growl a few curse words at me.

“I'm not asking you to get involved in the fight. Just to give me advice,” I went on. She considered my words before sighing.

“Fine, but if I get attacked you owe me an ice cream … or something,” she muttered angrily. I opened the door and she led the way. I followed her down the main streets and then she made a sudden turn into a side street.

“I don't think I've seen this part of town,” I murmured, as the street-lights became fewer and fewer.

“That would be because demons have cast a spell on most of the entrances. Humans never register them or think to go near them,” Anna explained. I nodded, the idea made sense. I could feel my skin crawling and knew we were getting close to someone. Anna stopped abruptly.

“Okay, ahead. Two spawns and a vampire. Have fun,” She whispered, stepping back and around the corner we'd just turned. I glanced at her with raised eyebrows.

“Vampire?” I whispered back, making sure I hadn't heard wrong. She nodded. I turned to face the direction they were in, this was going to be interesting.

The End

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