An Angel's DeathMature

Chapter Forty: An Angel's Death

Darius' Story

Somehow we'd gained the upper hand, and had control of most of the main citadel. But the outlying areas were cut off to us. I wasn't sure what I expected when this began, I hadn't even meant it. But I guess it was an inevitable thing. More than half of us are united against the increasing few who want to stick to the old ways. The only redeeming factor is if hell strikes, they will have to go through them first. And with all the defences already put in place, they would be a chance of winning. But a very slim one. All I could do was hope James protected Amy well enough. All the demons needed was to study her blood and they could discover a way into our realms.

“Want to leave you're thoughts? We got someone wounded by the gates, want to relive your grand warrior days?” Ciearan asked, crouching by me. I sighed, shaking my head. Only Cieran would make a joke in such a server situation.

“Why not, Don't want to get too rusty. Besides, you'd be doomed witho-” My words cut off as a yell reached my ears. I'd prepared myself for James, his calls were quiet, easy to cope with. Amy were not, they were much more overpowering to the extent my head was hurting.

“I need to go to the middle plane,” I said in a rush, standing up and heading towards the other side of the building, where the nearest edge was.

“What? We can't lose you, not right now. Let the Nephilim handle things alone for once,” Cieran yelled after me, genuine panic leaking into his tone.

“It's not him. It's Marie's Daughter,” I said over my shoulder. That got his attention.

“Should I come as well?” he asked, his voice more hesitate. I could tell by his tone what he was thinking about.

“If you think that will make you feel better, then yes,” I replied. It didn't take long to find them. Somehow Amy's determined presence brought us straight to her. She was starting to get accumulated with her abilities. The first thing I noticed was they weren't even in danger, Amy, James and the spawn were just standing in an empty parking lot.

“This had better be good,” I growled, approaching them. Based on the look in Amy's eye, she had no intention of letting me return anytime soon. James gave Cieran a once-over, looking unsure.

“This is Cieran. If I can't help you I'll send him,” I said, glancing at him briefly. I didn't even bother not rolling my eyes when I saw his big grin. It would've worked if his bright ginger hair didn't make him look a little bit more ridiculous.

“It's been a while since I last saw Earth,” he commented. The fondness clear in his voice as he looked around.

“What do you want Amy?” I asked, barely hiding the fact that I was annoyed.

“What happened to my mother?” she asked, her arms crossed in a no-nonsense way. Of all the things I'd prepared for, this wasn't among them. I failed to stop my eyes widening before returning my composure. Cieran let out a sound of shock, so I felt less awkward about my slip-up.

“Why are you suddenly interested?” I asked

“A demon that scares the heck of Anna told me, he knew my father. Choronzon,” Amy answered. Cieran swore under his breath.

“What's he doing suddenly getting involved?” Cieran asked. I didn't bother answering, until I saw him myself I wouldn't know. But I knew he had been close to him.

“And now that he's told you about him, you want to know about her,” I finished. She nodded, her arms still crossed. I sighed, searching for the words.

“Marie was amazing. One of the best warrior's I'd ever seen. She threw her life at risk in a heartbeat to protect someone. She was also sympathetic to others, when she met your father he was near-death. We should've just finished the job, but she begged us not too,” Cieran said. I couldn't argue with the assessment. Amy nodded, taking it all in.

“And you and her...” she trailed off, looking back at me. So Coronzon had gone into detail, brilliant.

“We were very close, but we had disagreements. In our world, engagement and marriage works differently. To create good warriors, they pair them together. It was a mutual decision to be with each other, rather than have our partner picked,” I explained, I saw Amy face fall.

“So you never actually loved her?” Amy asked.

“Did I say I didn't?” I replied, meeting her gaze evenly. Her mouth grew a little before she nodded, her cheeks flushed from embarrassment.

“So, no offence. But why don't you hate me?” Amy asked, narrowing her eyes in confusion.

“Why should I? You did not make any of their choices, you're merely the result. And your mother made me promise to protect you. And that's exactly what I've spent all your life doing. Admittedly, there was only so much I could influence from where I was, but I did my best. Your sorcerer friend was a stroke of luck due to his beliefs. A simple dream got him walking outside so your paths would cross. Though I didn't expect a demon to attack,” I ranted on, knowing I was going over the top. But I had to erase any doubts she had.

“Basically, he sucks at showing his emotions. But he loves you like his own, okay?” Cieran said, shoving me aside. I sent him a glare but didn't deny the words. Amy nodded, running a hand through her hair, her other arm dropping at her side. When she looked back up I knew the question she was going to ask.

“How did she die?”

“Orders were given to all warriors. I found her first, but I could never kill her. But she wanted someone she knew and trusted to do it, to make it fast,” I explained. Without asking she looked at Cieran, he met her gaze evenly.

“Did you make sure it was quick?” she asked him, her expression unreadable.

“Yes,” Cieran replied.

The End

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