Chapter Thirty-Nine: Genealogy. 

"What are you doing here?" James asked, getting protectively in front of me, putting his right hand on his back, ready to conjure his sword if he needed it.

"Well, teaching, that is quite obvious I believe. But I understand that you believe I have some kind of complex diabolical machination that explains my presence here. You would be half right, although my mission is less of misdirection and corruption like this lady here first had to  do and more of a humanitarian kind as I'm rendering a service to an old friend of mine."When he mentioned Anna, her eyes went wide and she shivered. "You can relax girl, I know you've switched sides and even if I didn't killing you while you're allied with these two would be quite gauche of me. So I assure you that you are quite safe."

"Alright, alright..." I mumbled. "What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Well, I figured you'd like to know how you came to be, especially since it would better help understand why the Ophanim and Daimons are so interested in getting their hands on you."

"It's because I'm some kind of hybrid freak that would strengthen them if I had children with one of the side right?" I asked, James looked sad when I used the word freak, but I was well aware of what I am and didn't care to make it sound pretty.

"Partially, the thing to understand is that you are not a daimon or a malak, you aren't truly half of each. Although it might seem so due to your parents, you are something new entirely. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis, if you understand what I mean. Someone cannot bear both Demonic and Angelic ichor within them, both cancel each others due to their innate resonance one can change the nature of his ichor but he cannot mix both. You however are something entirely different. Something with a scary potential.

One of the most important of which is your mobility. Malaks are bound to Elysium while Daimons are bound to Gehenna. You on the other hand can easily flow between worlds, something your off-springs would also be able to.

You reconcile the hunger for life that characterize daimons but you don't have their recklessness. Much like you bear the zeal of the Malaks without their penchant for total fanatism. Your linage also grant you a rather scary potential, that to be able to potentially reign over both the archons and the ophanim."

I took my head in my hand and tried to decipher all this non-sense. "What does that make me then? Is there a name for it?"

"Names always makes things easier to understand but no, there are no names since it has never existed before your birth. Although the choice would be yours to name, I think 'Eloah' would be a good choice, it was one of the female name of God in the bible."

"Alright, I want to know, if I'm the children of an angel and a demon, why am I on earth, shouldn't I be in the lower or upper world?"

"I'm afraid not, you see, the powers of both realm affect it's inhabitants, it would have prevented you from becoming who you are, since it the blooming only occur during adolescence, you wouldn't have made it 'intact'."

"How did I get here?"

"Well, your mother managed to bind you to a children, as you know, Malaks aren't physical in nature but can manifest. So your mother found a young pregnant girl, who was about your age. She took the form of a nurse and during the pregnancy, she merged your essence into the unborn child. When you were born, the girl couldn't keep you, since she was single and in poverty so she gave you up for adoption. Your angelic mother made sure you went to a family that could care for you. She chose a very fervent catholic woman and her husband, a very kind soldier who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. She sensed something in those two and she trusted your well being to you. After that, she had to disappear, just like your father."

"...What was their names? you never mentioned them..." I quietly asked, although I sort of knew the parents who raised me weren't my real parents, getting the whole story confirmed was another thing. I felt like I wanted to cry... Suddenly, I missed my dad a lot... even my mother...

Unexpectedly, Dylan wiped the tears forming in my eyes with a cloth he kept in his pocket while James held my hand in silence.

"YOur father was Samael, Rex Mundi, the one who led the rebellion against the malakim. Your mother was name Marie. She was born an angel, but that's all I know. YOu should ask Darius, he knew her."

"Darius, knew her?" James asked, seeming surprised.

"Before Samael meet her, they were engaged..."

"Wait... What?"

"You heard me, boy. If you want to story, ask him, not me." As Dylan spoke, the bell rang, announcing the end of the break. "Alright, let me write you a note so you won't be regarded as late..." He said, sighing. 


The End

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