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Chapter Thirty-Eight: A day at School

Anna got her stuff from the director's office while James and I waited. When she stepped out, schedule in hand, she asked us;

"Why are we here, why am I here? We should be chasing down that warlock." She affirmed, whispering to us.

"It's Monday, James and I have school. You're here because we aren't letting you loose, look, we're grateful you came clean, but we still can't trust you all the way." I responded. "I'm sure you understand why."

She grumbled an answer and we made our way to the history class, our first of the day. She had landed the same schedule as ours, so we could easily keep an eye on her. Although we were late for a few minutes, the door was still open and the teacher Ms. Collins nowhere in sight.

We sat down, amidst the vocal chatter the rest of the class, quite a few people were giving us looks, some were rather dirty. It wasn't like James was liked around here and with us hanging around him, it had given me the same status by social osmosis. Not that I cared in the least, most of these people were morons and I preferred hanging out with James rather than them. Fidel to his habits, Martin, that gorilla of a guy that had been after him since I'd first came here was with the douche squad, eyeing us and passing what were probably insulting remarks and chuckling stupidly.

After about ten minutes of waiting, a guy walked inside the classroom, announcing that our teacher wouldn't be there for a while since he had an accident, thankfully, they had a replacement. 

The new teacher walked in the room and I felt goosebumps form all across my body, feeling the demonic aura of the man. He walked to the chalkboard and wrote his name down. 

"Morning, guys and gals, I'll be your teacher for a while, My name is Dylan Zsolt, which can be translated as The Great Sea's ruler. You may call my Dylan, for there shall be no Mrs. in my class." He said. He was wearing the same clothes as the previous night minus the cigarette but he had a pair of sunglasses on, concealing his eyes. 

James saw my reaction and leaned closer. "Do you know him?"

"I met him last night, it's Choronzon..." I muttered, the expression on Anna's face confirmed to us that she too recognized him.

"What's he doing here?" She muttered, looking frightened. 

"Hell if I know." I said with a shrug. 

"Alright, students now would be the time to stop the idle gossip and chatter, we have a subject to delve into." Dylan said, grabbing the notes from the teacher's desk. "Let's see... Ah, Ancient roman history... It seems like you're just began the module, which is quite good." He commented, seemed rather pleased by the news. 

"It was such a nice period of time, better life for most people since the Romans were fond of building roads, aqueducts and other infrastructure. The common men could live and enjoy life, there was always something going one, like the many festivals or the games in the Colosseum. It wasn't like that of northern Europe, which was so primitive. And it wasn't like the Greek, albeit the less we speak about grown men sleeping with little boys, the better." He cleared his throat and continued speaking. "The empire stood for over a thousand years, until it crumbled from within and then finished off by tribes of barbarians such as the Huns and the Goths. The chain-mail kind of goth that is, not the eyeliner kind." He said, tossing a glance at my direction. Making me feel rather targeted. While doing so, he picked up the old teacher's notes and then asked.

"Who can tell me who Bacchus was?" He asked, looking at the crowd.

"It was one of the emperor." One of the jocks answered. Making Dylan chuckle.

"Well tried, but dead wrong, lad." He then pointed at me. "You girl, care to try answering?"

I took a moment before doing so. "He was the god of wine, right?" He grinned fiercely at my answer and exclaimed a big "Yes!"

"It seems at least one person here isn't as ignorant as the rest of the plebe that compose the current youth." He commented off-handedly, seeming almost gleeful. 

"How did you know that?" James asked me, whispering to my ear. 

"Tom has lots of books about mythology, I read a few when I'm bored." I explained while Dylan started talking about the founding of Rome, and the legend of Romulus and Remus. After a long, passionate lecture on History, the bell rang and people started picking up their things. 

"Amy, would you mind staying after class?" He asked. I politely nodded and waited for him to close the door. James and Anna stayed in here but he didn't seem to mind. 

"Alright, I think it's time you learn more about genealogy." He explained, sitting down in indian on his desk. 



The End

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