Restless nightMature

Chapter Thirty-Four: Restless night

It was in the middle of the night, around two in the morning. James was sleeping next to me, all snuggled up against me. He hadn't taken more than a minute to fall asleep, exhausted by all the fighting he had to do combined by the usage of ichor.

From what I understood, when it was expanded, angelic ichor tended to make the user physically and mentally tired while demonic ichor when I tapped it instead gave me cravings for just about anything, from food to violence to sex. Just begging me to revel in excess and pursue it with reckless abandon.

I shifted in bed for the thousandth time before getting up, freeing myself from James' hold as gently as I could. I walked in the common room, which was a kitchen, dinning room and living room, all merged into one. Tom's place wasn't big, three rooms, two of which were bedrooms. When he invited me to stay over, I didn't really have much of a choice so I didn't mind although it was crammed for four people to stay overnight...

"You can't sleep, either?" Tom asked, when I closed the door to my room quietly behind me. He was at the kitchen counter, changing the bandages on his arm. 

"No..." I grumbled, walking closer. "Need some help?" I then asked, looking around and noticing Anna sleeping on one of the old couch. He nodded and I helped clean the wound and change for new bandages. "It's healing up pretty well, it was pretty nasty, you should have lost a lot more blood than you did." I remarked. 

"I managed to prevent that, good thing I had my talismans. Although I had to blow most of my mojo today... First James' dad, then the goons now this..." He sighed while I finished the job.

I stepped back and my eyes wandered across his bare torso, where he had a decent amount of tattoos. The most notable of which was the dragon that looped around his neck eating it's own tail. 

"Can't you just recharge it?" I asked, my eyes still staring at his physique. 

"Not by myself, I'd have to find some kind of battery of quintessence. Locations in space or time where energy flows freely."

"Couldn't I charge you or your things with ichor, I can pump it out." I offered. It wasn't pleasant but I could do it.

He took my chin with two of his finger and raise my head until I looked at his eyes again. "I think you're already pretty cranky." He commented, making me blush. "But no, the energy has to be attuned to me otherwise I can't reshape it." 

"You really need to explain how your magic work..." I mentioned, making him chuckle. "Sure, maybe I'll write a magic for dummies book. I'm sure it would be popular."

I walked by him, ignoring his snarky remark and opened the fridge. There were some left overs in there so I took them out, opened the containers and ate them still cold. Trying to calm myself down. I could feel my blood boiling, yelling at me to do something... Something I would definitely regret. 

"What about that Warlock, we didn't go after him."

Tom sighed and looked down there was clear pain in his eyes. "Tomorrow morning, we can expect three more dead bodies to pop up in the news."

"It's my fault." I muttered, feeling guilty. "If I hadn't let myself get captured like an idiot we would've already solved this whole mess and nobody would've died again..." I sat down on the nearest chair and set my head against my knees, my feet on the chair too.

The End

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