Safe and Sound AgainMature

Chapter Thirty-three: Safe and Sound Again

Tom and my dad spent most the time home talking. I thought about listening to them but I was too worn out. The first thing me and Amy did when we got back to her apartment was collapse onto her bed.

“Darius didn't seem as mad at you anymore,” she murmured, her voice as tired as mine. I knew why, what I'd done hadn't made much difference, the angels were still after her. I tried not to think too much about fighting them one day. Demons at least were predictable to an extent. But angels? Based on Darius I would be facing a real chance of dying against one.

“Umm … is there anywhere I can lie down?” Anna asked from behind the door, knocking gently. Amy got up and showed her a spare couch in the basement and gave her some fresh bedding. I decided to go back to the living room and see what was going on between Tom and my dad. My dad seemed pleased when he saw me and without checking stuck a needle in my arm.

“Ow,” I winced, though it hardly hurt compared to some of the stuff I'd been through today. When he'd fill a tube with my blood he pocketed it.

“I know a guy, we'll run tests and see just how far along you are in the process,” dad said. I knew he was talking about the ichor in my body. Which after today would've increased, but the new power was worth it I thought. I needed to be strong enough to defend Amy.

“The spawn is down in the basement. How soon can you get rid of her?” Tom asked, his voice sharp when he said 'spawn'.

“I'll see what it's all about and try,” I said. I didn't exactly like the idea of a demon, no matter how scared, being under the same roof as Amy. I headed down the stairs and heard feet shuffling instantly. When I entered the large room the spawn was stood up, her sense on high alert as she studied me. For a brief moment I sensed what felt like a quiet confidence but the air quickly changed. Worry and unease slicing my senses.

“I guess you want to know the whole story now?” she said, rubbing her hands over her arms and wrapping them round her. The discomfort she felt in my presence obvious.

“Don't worry. I won't hurt you. Amy said you were okay, I just need to know why,” I said. She didn't look anymore relieved hearing my words.

“You kind of killed four of my kind, sorry if I'm a little anxious,” she replied, her tone bitter. Had she cared for one of them?

“I was protecting Amy,” I said, growing annoyed with her avoidance.

“I get that,” she said. She chewed on her lower lip nervously. Her eyes darting from the floor and then back to mine. They were a dark brown colour, and at this angle I could see the shimmering red behind them. The sign that she had demonic ichor in her system.

“I overdosed. I was just some street druggie, alright? When they gave me the offer I wasn't exactly in my right mind. It didn't take me long to sober up though and realise how deep in the shit I was,” she said. The story made sense, but to go to hell in the first place she had to do worse than take drugs. And until I knew what she did to get a place in hell, I wasn't going to fully trust her.

“You can stay here the night. But in the morning find somewhere else,” I said, turning to walk back upstairs and to Amy.

“No, I can't. If I leave this place they'll track me down and kill me,” she exclaimed, her voice panicked and her eyes wet. Maybe it was because of all my times faking with my parents, but something about the whole thing felt like an act.

“Stay the night. First thing tomorrow I call Darius here. Then he can decide what to do,” I muttered.

The End

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