Unexpected HelpMature

Chapter Thirty: Unexpected Help

I held my head painfully for a while, I felt disoriented and sick, my ears ringing. Outside, I could hear a commotion but the sound was muffled. After a moment, things went silent and I waited for something to happen. I wasn't sure who had won, but I had a bad feeling about it.

The wait was interrupted when somebody pushed the door open by a small crack. Someone slipped through, I couldn't make anything but a silhouette which looked around trying to find me. 

I didn't take time to think about who it was, I just charged and slammed the person into the ground, wrapping a hand around it's throat. I climbed on top and drove my knee in her stomach. Turns out the person was a girl, I could feel the demonic ichor within her but she didn't fight back.

She tried to say something but the sound didn't come out from throat. Something was wrong... I took a glance at her aura and it told me she meant no harm, actually, she was scared shitless...

I loosened my grip around her neck but kept a fist raised, ready to strike if she tried anything. "What are you doing here?" I asked. She took several deep breath before answering, almost whispering.

"You have to help me... I don't wanna die." I let her go and got back up. "The angel boy's gone but we can still escape."

"What are you talking about? Why do you want to escape, your friends are the one in charge here."

"You really think I wanted to be with these guys?" She spat. "The best we can hope is to get killed quickly, if we screw up they'll drag us down to god knows where..."

"You should have known when you accepted to work with them."

"I didn't know jack, I was in the middle of an OD when that guy came and offered to help if I agreed to owe him one. That's all we get told and it's only once we're doomed that we know just how deep we've dug our grave."

I examined her closer, letting my eyes see in the dark and also scanned her aura. She was telling the truth... "Do you have a weapon? if so, give it to me." She nodded and took a long kitchen knife from her belt and handed it hilt first at me. 

"Alright... Let's go." I muttered, my mind in scrambles. This was the first time I'd ever seen a spawn show anything but blind rage and sadism... It didn't compute in my head.

I slipped through the door and my eyes burned from the difference in lighting. There was only one spawn down here, probably left to guard while his buddies were fighting. He was looking at the stairs, clenching a bat in one hand looking nervous. I crept closer and when I was behind him, I broke his neck, making a clear snapping sound. My escort looked rather sickened by it and she forced herself to look away.

"So, what's your name?" I asked out of the blues.

"Annabelle..." She replied, her tone rather disgusted. 

Maybe she was resisting the ichor's urges... That might explain her behavior, if she was rejecting the ichor within her and the needs it bred.

I didn't have anymore time to think when I heard somebody jogging down the stairs, the sound of it's footfall echoing in the closed staircase. I grabbed the bat, tossing it at Anna and I flattened against the wall, preparing to strike who ever it was that was coming...



The End

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