The Elders' BetrayalMature

Chapter Twenty-nine: The Elders' Betrayal

Darius' Story

I entered the main hall, seeing the newly-transformed angels oohing and ahhing at the walls and ceiling. The amazement of the golden-glowing walls and spiralling multi-coloured lights above our heads fades away. Eventually you start to realise its just a fancy thing, a way to prove we're the better half. I left the main hall through the back corridor and paused near a doorway. Cieran had sent a word that the elders had called a urgent meeting and I couldn't afford to miss it. Even though I sensed Amy's distress.

“Are we sure? How did a nephilim even get close to her? I thought they were all on tight leashes,” Gregor, a grumpy full-of-himself elder said. Clearly annoyed that his afternoon had been disturbed by the meeting.

“Darius,” Jerome said, his voice sharp as ice as he spoke his name. Then footsteps grew closer and Darius knew he'd been found out. Jerome walked outside and turned to face him, his stormy grey eyes piercing his thoughts easily.

“I haven't broken rules,” I said. I hadn't, other than the suicides James had been a good person and worthy of becoming a nephilim. And I'd never directly intervened to save-.

“You did, when the boy was still learning,” Jerome interrupted his thoughts. Jerome sighed, they both knew why I was trying to protect her.

“Amy was being left alone Darius. Now you've made things worse,” Jerome said, no expression or tone inflection. Just a simple statement that made my lips grow thin with anger.

“She was still being attacked by demons,” I countered, knowing my frustration showed in my voice. As if to reiterate the point I felt James ask for more power, I upped the amount of ichor. Knowing Jerome had sensed the whole thing.

“It is not our place to stop them,” Jerome replied.

“Besides, they'll be doing us a favour!” Gregor shouted impatiently from the meeting room. Jerome sent a glare through the doorway at him. That one slip-up told me everything.

“You've made a deal. With demons,” I stated. Because there was no question about, not when I could sense the guilt on Jerome.

“We did what was necessary and within our own laws,” Jerome said. I barked a laugh at him and backed away a few steps, covering half my face with a hand. It was loud enough to draw attention from the main halls.

“So you decided you wouldn't dirty you're own hands. And you threw an innocent girl to the demons to kill. You guys shouldn't be running this place anymore. Angels don't team up with demons,” I said. With that I stormed off. Pausing when I felt a desperate cry from James, he was close to death. I cursed and shifted to the middle world, grabbing James by his upper arm and moving her somewhere safe. I had no choice but hope Amy was okay for the time being. If this was the same demon the angels had dealt with, they weren't keeping the promise. They were still going to use Amy for something, for that I has no choice but to glad.

James stirred after a few moments and quickly took in his surroundings. He jumped to his feet quickly and then wobbled, still dizzy from blood loss.

“Calm down,” I said, adding my own powers to his to speed up the healing.

“Did I die again?” he asked, taking in purgatory's endless black void. He sounded a lot more upset about the possibility than the first time round.

“No, this was the safest place I could take us,” I said. He nodded with a small 'o' for a mouth. I could sense his question before he asked it.

“I was seeing what the angels were planning. Turns out the whole time they were teamed up with the demons. The upper world is not a good place to go, least for now,” Darius explained. James considered this silently before slumping back onto the floor and shrugging.

“I'm not even surprised, the odds only get worse,” he huffed, running a hand through his hair. I agreed and sat down as well, sighing. James gave me a side-glance and looked away.

“What?” I asked, too tired to stop my voice sounding sharp.

“Will you have to try a crossover now? You can't stay on earth forever, right?” James asked. A full crossover was out of the question, I'd feel ill most of the time, and it'd attract more demons than Amy did.

“No, I'll have to stay here,” I replied.

“Wow, that sucks,” James said with a grimace.

“It does a bit,” I agreed. And for the first time we shared a laugh. A few minutes later James was fully healed and we rejoined the middle plane.

“I'll take Gaap, you finish the spawns,” I told James, he didn't argue.

The End

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