Barely WinningMature

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Barely Winning

The guy before me had dirty blond hair that suck out at all angles, like the others there was an acidic unwashed smell to him. Was that just because he was a spawn and I was a nephilim? Or did the demons really not do anything to take care of these guys. I felt sorry for him as he ran at me, I stepped out of his blow and lowered myself, swinging a leg and tripping him up. I used his confusion to rush for the other body and get the sword. The guy grabbed and pressed down on my wrist, making me drop the sword. I pulled away and realised he’d let me. He’d obviously been a real fighter before he’d changed.

“Why would you want to become a spawn?” I finally asked, rubbing at my sore wrist. The guy laughed and crossed his arms. Unlike the others, there was a spark of understanding and intellect in his eyes.

“I was never a good person in life, so it just seemed natural to take up the offer,” he replied, his voice raspy and thin.

“And you don’t care that all the others just died?” It was a pointless question; he hadn’t hesitated to use his dead ‘friend’ to make me lose my weapon.  He laughed, his shoulders shaking with the motion.

“Hundreds of spawns are made every day. Nephilim are made maybe once every year. The fact is, there aren’t a lot of good people anymore. I don’t even know these guys, I just met them today. They’re clearly too pathetic and not worth my sympathy,” the spawn said, shrugging. So then Darius had really gone out of his way when he made me? I hadn’t even gone to the upper world, I’d been meant for purgatory.

“I’m bored of talking,” The demon said. I got ready to avoid another blow but that wasn’t his intention. I saw black stuff form in his heads and the sharp brimstone smell of it reminded me of Gaap’s attack. This guy had been around long enough to gain more abilities. Based on his smug smile, he could sense my shock. I narrowed my eyes at him and remembered Darius answering me, did I have other abilities too now? There was only one way I was going to find out. He aimed and threw and I jumped to the right, glancing enough to see how the grass had been instantly eaten away at. I tackled him to the ground before he could prepare anymore and punched him in the gut. The blow seemed to do nothing to him and he easily threw me off.

“Are you even trying?” he asked with a laugh, picking my own sword off the ground. There was a loud crackle when he touched it and he grimaced. He dropped it with a hiss and kicked it away.

“Angelic metal,” he growled and turned to me again. At least I now knew they couldn’t use my own weapon against me. He didn’t make a show of it this time, throwing black stuff without warning. I tried to move but something held me in place. A glance to my sides showed brown, dead plants grown from where the soil had been destroyed, binding me in place with an iron grip. The black stuff hit me straight in the chest, fiery pain hit instantly and bite my own lip to stop from screaming. A half-gargled sound of pain came out my mouth instead. I gritted my teeth and concentrated on the plants, before my gaze they wilted away and I was able to rip free. The skin of my chest was raw and I could feel blood running down my front, sides and back. But it hadn’t penetrated to anything important.

“How the vision?” he asked. It was growing blurry, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. Blood loss was going to drain me and I had no choice to waste energy pulling at my body’s ichor. It didn’t stop the bleeding, but it calmed the worst of it. I walked over and picked up my sword, the spawn not stopping me as I used it for support.

“I have orders to kill you. But you’re so stubborn, I might let you run away for another battle someday,” the spawn said. I spat blood from my blood and glared at him.

“You’re not stealing Amy from me,” I growled, pulling at my ichor again, it pulsed weakly, already drained by the healing, but I had to get him and fast. I raced at him, it was dumb and reckless but he didn’t try to avoid it, black stuff dripping from his hand again. I raised my hands as he did his. Golden beams arched and hit him in the face and chest, bursting through to back of his body. The black energy hit me in the chest again and I collapsed onto the floor. My breathing was laboured and I knew this time something had been hit as I blacked out.

The End

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