The WarehouseMature

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Warehouse

Tom's Story

We got off and I opened the trunk of my car. James' dad seemed surprised by the amount of weapons that were stored in there. "We'll check out the warehouse, you take the bunker." I said, looking at James. He nodded and headed off toward his target.I took out a pair of swords and handed one to his father.

"You ever wielded one of these?" I asked, his expression confirmed to me that he hadn't. "Guess this is going to be your baptism of fire then."

He took the sword awkwardly and he asked me; "What are you, another Nephilim or are you a spawn?"

"Neither, I'm a sorcerer." I answered, slamming the trunk shut and starting to walk toward the warehouse. 

"Look, I get it, you're angry I had a hand in this... I didn't have a choice, if I had I would never have done it."

I stopped and stared at him, it was clear he was ashamed of what he had done. "Angry yes, but I can't hold it against you... You aren't the only one who's made some bad dealings."He asked me for what had happened to me, but I didn't answer, just walking in silence trying to keep my thoughts focused on the situation.

"What now?" He asked when we reached the door, shifting uncomfortably in place. 

I closed my eyes and opened brow lotus, often called the third eye. Feelings came to me, not just sight but sounds and feelings too. I put a hand on the tin wall and let the energy beyond it rush to my mind. "I can feel at least a demi-dozen people in there... They have ichor within them. There may be more..."

"Can you take care of them, throw flames at them or curse them?" He asked, his eyes wide.

"You've watched too much movies." I said, taking out a square piece of cloth from my pocket, a woven yantra of Kali. Grabbed him by the temple and stared directly into his eyes, whispering the Sanskrit incantation I'd learned long ago from my mentor.

"Let Kali enter you, goddess of changes and destruction, consort of Shiva the destroyer. Let her anger flow through you, she is the annihilator of the force of evil."His eyes changed, becoming distant and glassy as I finished. "What's happening to me?" He asked, his hand clenching onto the scimitar I had given him earlier.

"You're becoming ready to show just how far you'll go to help your son. I've given you the only change you'd ever have to survive this." I explained, turning away at the door which wasn't locked.

I opened the door wide and the afternoon light flooded the dark warehouse. Several forms stuck to the shadows, weapons in hand. I marched forward, trying as hard as I could to look determined and intimidating, something that wasn't possible for James' father, who was wearing a loosely buttoned shirt and trousers. Slowly, one by one the people came closer, looking amused that two guys without a trace of ichor were coming for them.

"Two handfuls of blood to doom Indech." I whispered, unbinding the power from the Celtic torc talisman and binding it unto myself. "The enemies of Ulster cannot stand." I continued, feeling a small amount of power dwelling in Muladhara, the root chakra.

When all the spawns came closer to us, I counted them; eight of them with all manners of small weapons. Three of them even pulled out handguns and aimed at us. I leaped sideways behind the closest set of crates and presumed my partner did the same.

The spawns proved to be rather trigger happy and they shoot rapid fire at my general direction not really aiming. I searched my different pockets until I found what I needed; on a key-chain was a small pistol locket. I held it in my hands and muttered a chant; "Scriosann an hairm" I whispered a few times, letting whatever energy I had into the charm, weaving it into the appropriate pattern. When it was done, I tossed the thing in their direction and walked out of cover as they reloaded their weapons.

They first laughed at me, thinking I was some kind of moron but when one of them pointed his gun at me and pressed the trigger, the thing jammed. He kept futilely pulling the trigger as I closed the distance between us with a sprint until the tip of my blade plunged right into guts. 

The others lost their amusement and became serious again, the two left with guns also tried to shoot but their weapon had also jammed. They tossed the things to the ground and pulled out bowie knives. 

Spawns are rarely well trained, demons prefer just to empower whatever trash they want and let them attack in packs. Those where no different. Knives aren't much use in a sword fight, their reach is way too short and nobody intelligent throws his only weapon. They were however four times as much of them as there was of us and I couldn't afford to watch over James' father.

The first one charged at me with a baseball bat, swinging it horizontally. I took a step back and trusted my sword at his abdomen. One of them came from behind and tried to stab me with his six inch blade but he instead ate my boot up his jaw.

Fights aren't at all like what you see on TV, they're generally fast and completely chaotic and rarely end up nicely. While I was busy finishing off Baseball guy, another guy managed to slice my left upper arm pretty badly, rendering it useless. In return, I made his head fly off.  When I finished off the last of the three guys that were on me, only sixty seconds or so had passed but I was already feeling tired. I finally afforded a glance at James dad and saw him lying or rather kneeling in a pool of blood. 

"Are you alright?" I asked, grunting from the pain as I checked my own wound. It wasn't going to kill me, but it was pretty bad. 

"I-- I killed them..." He muttered, coming off the battle frenzy I had instilled into him. Felling sickened and guilty. I wanted to tell him they were just spawns but it wouldn't have changed anything. "How can you do it?" He asked, staring at me.

"It goes away after the first fives." I admitted, my thoughts drifting away into the distant past. "After a while, you stop thinking about it. But it's always hard the first time, to throw away all the things you've been told about how sacred life is. Until you convince yourself it's all shite all that talk of niceness and peace."

"Who are you?"

"I'm the rider on the pale horse, I'm the one Hades follows closely..." I said, referencing revelations. "Nah... I'm just a guy who's karma's been turned into a bloody minefield." I then corrected myself.

The End

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