Fighting the SpawnsMature

Chapter Twenty-Six: Fighting the Spawns

When Tom arrived it wasn't a polite parking, he skidded to a stop near where we stood and opened the door.

“Get in!” he yelled, I wasn't about to argue. He started before we'd even closed the doors and continued to break the law.

“Were the birds able to track her down?” I asked, holding onto my seatbelt for dear life as he did a sharp corner. Tom glanced at the rear-view mirror where my dad sat in the back. This was going to be a difficult conversation I thought.

“This is my dad. He was working with the demon,” I explained. Tom glanced at me, eyes narrowed.

“Was?” he asked, his fists already white from clenching the wheel, tightened even more.

“It's a long story. But he's on our side, okay?” I said, knowing Tom wasn't happy. He glanced in the rear-view mirror at my dad, and something about my dads expression must've explained it.

“I hope whatever you got was worth putting an innocent girls life in danger,” Tom muttered, though the anger dialled down a bit.

“I would sacrifice anything for my son's life, including my own,” he replied simply, staring out the car window. Tom shot me a look and I shrugged. The words were a complete shock to me.

“Does mum know” I asked, feeling relief when he shook his head.

“Gaap and spawns will most likely be guarding her,” dad said, causing an involuntary shiver to go down my spine. I'd barely survived the last encounter with Gapp.

“The birds?” I said to Tom who nodded and ran a third red light.

“They have an idea of where she is, but not a specific building,” Tom replied, his eyes darting from place to place. Were the birds telling him directly which turns to take? It was explain his frantic twists an turns.

“Whereabouts? I can tell you which buildings Harry owns,” dad said, leaning forward to see where we were headed.

“Southeast side of the city, on the outskirts,” Tom supplied vaguely. My dad nodded.

“I know where we need to go,” he said and directed Tom from there. We soon pulled up outside a derelict warehouse district, a air hanger nearby.

“She'll either be being kept in the warehouse or an underground bunker in the nearby air hanger,” Dad explained, I shared a glance with Tom.

“We'll check out the warehouse, you take the bunker,” Tom said. I nodded and watched him and my dad head towards the building, the tin walls and roof rusted blood red. I glanced at the hanger and headed over.

“Darius, if you can hear me...I think I'm going to need more power,” I whispered as I walked. Adding a mental PS to get his butt down here. It took a few moments but I felt a weird sensation move through my body.

“There better be a good reason you're hiding up there,” I muttered as I found a door built into a hill. It opened with a loud creek and revealed a set of dank stairs, and darkness. I pulled out my sword and headed down, aware of how loud I sounded. I didn't make another step as someone threw me back into the open. The guy that came up the stairs had red eyes and a sickly grin, his hair lanky with grease and a very pungent unwashed scent came off him.

“I was waiting for the nephilim to arrive,” he said, his grin widening more, making his face stretch abnormally. He rushed me and I easily avoided him. I swung as he stumbled past and hit his neck with a sickening sound. I heard him make a distressed gargling sound then he slumped at my feet.

“That was a lot easier than I thought,” I murmured, turning to face the bunker entrance. Something barrelled me to the ground as I did, forcing all the air from my lungs. This guy was like the first, only his cloths looked a lot more torn up. I managed to throw him off but then someone else got e from behind, a punch aimed at my lower spine that made me hunch over. I murmured an ow when the first raised his knee. The burst of pain and loud crunch told me my nose had broken. Twice in as many days, great. I'd spoken way too soon earlier. I rolled away from then and kept my sword to my side furthest from me. At least they were predictable, prone to running in without thought. I tried not to think that they had been in a similar situation to me, that they just got the offer from someone else as I jumped up and speared one in the chest. I saw surprise flint across his features, his partner took advantage and yank his body away with my sword still in it.

“Shit,” I whispered when the spawn looked back at me. Those grins were really beginning to bug me.

The End

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