Escape attemptMature

Chapter's Twenty-five: Escape Attempt

I was left in the cold underground room with no light whatsoever. I managed to crawl toward one of the corner and sit down against a metal shelving unit. That spell had hurt so bad and I must have stayed there, crying lightly for god knows how long.

When the pain and numbness went away, I stumbled back up in the dark. I had to do something, I couldn't just lay there waiting for James, Tom or Darius to come over. I concentrated for a moment, bringing all the rage in my body back to mind until I felt the ichor in my blood boiled. 

The power rushed into my eyes and all through my muscles. The darkness cleared away and I could see clearly. The place was rather small and not too far away there was a metal door. It looked more like a bunker door than a storage closet's. Something told me they often held people in here...

I walked closer to the door and lightly knocked on it. Naturally nobody came to open, I wasn't expecting that, but I heard to muffled reaction from the other side. They had people watching. I stepped back and charged at the door, shoulder first. I didn't know what I expected, but I hadn't expected to tear the damn door off the frame and going through. I fell on the floor and a bunch of guys surrounded me, weapons in hands. Their empty eyes told me all I needed to know about them; Spawns. The demonic equivalent to nephilims. 

"Get the hell away from me." I warned them as I stood up. "You aren't the first demonic pieces of trash I have to fight."

They didn't listen and one of them stepped forward, raising a length of lead pipe at me. I didn't think, I just let the demonic ichor within me guide my movements. The spawn stared  at me wide-eyed when my fist pierced his chest like paper-mâché, ripping his, no, its heart out. 

"They aren't humans..." I whispered to myself. "Just husks possessed by demonic blood."

They backed off several steps and they snarled at me in response, their eyes glowing darkly. In answer, I snarled back, dropping the blackened heart to the floor, my left hand dripping with blood. 

I just hoped they wouldn't put much of a fight, I couldn't put this type of fight for very long before feeling anemic. I started walking toward the stairs and they did't try to stop me, they must have been scared.

I was about to push the door open when someone opened it. "Going Somewhere?" Gaap asked, grinning.

I snarled a curse and stepped back until I hit the wall behind me. "Let me go, I won't hesitate to kill you. I've been training since that night in the alley."

"Be my guess, Even if you kill me, you've got these five gentlemen who are rather irked about their friend's death. Do you think you have enough power to fight all of us?" He asked, still grinning insolently. "I didn't think so. Would you kindly get back inside the room or will I have to drag you back in there after breaking your legs. We don't need you to have them, anyhow."

I ground my teeth against one another and slowly walked backward. One of the spawn grabbed me from behind, punched me in the kidney before tossing me brutally back into the room against one of the shelves. Gaap grabbed the broken door and put it back into place. Flames poured forth from his hands and melted the door back onto it's place. When my head hit against the shelf, the powers from the ichor vanished, leaving me in the dark once again. 

"What the hell was that?" One of the Spawn from the other side of the door exclaimed after a minute or two, soon followed by the others letting out a piercing shriek.

The End

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