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Chapter Twenty-Four: Traitorous Father

“Here, take them once a day. Based on your notes I expected you'd need two, but you seem to be coping well. It's good you've found a friend,” The doctor said, handing me the prescription. I doubted the tablets would actually have much effect on me anymore, I figured the angelic ichor in me would neutralise their effects.

“Thanks,” I said, taking it and leaving the room. I looked around for Amy but she wasn't in any of the waiting chair. I followed the corridor thinking she'd headed to the canteen part of the hospital, but couldn't find her again. I pulled out my phone, trying to keep my hands from shaking as I called Tom.

“You out?” Tom asked.

“Yes...” I trailed off, still searching for Amy, I'd missed her once before, maybe there was somewhere I wasn't checking.

“Is something wrong?” Tom asked, sensing my anxiety over the phone.

“Amy's missing,” I said, knowing in my gut that this time I was right. I swore at myself internally, I should've realised a public place was a bad idea.

“Shit, okay I'm coming to pick you up and ordering munnin and his flock to search the city. He already had a connection to Amy, he should be able to find her again easily,” Tom said. I nodded, relieved we had some kind of plan. I lowered my phone and turned to leave. But dad was blocking my pathway.

“I worried this had happened,” Dad said.

“What are you talking about?” I replied defensively.

“Your recovery was remarkable. I suspected straight away that something had happened,” he continued, more to himself than me, his eyes looked far-away. I was starting to worry he was the one have a mental breakdown. Then I remembered him and the demon and pieces started to add themselves up.

“What are you doing here, dad?” I asked, his expression told me everything I needed to know.

“Where is she?” I pushed, clenching my fists. My own dad was teaming up with a demon, it didn't make sense and it was way to coincidental for my liking.

“I don't know. I was blindfolded when I left. But I know all the buildings Harry owns. We can find her,” Dad said, throwing me. He saw my confusion and smiled.

“You think I choose to help a demon, kid? It was a price, I'd owed him for a long time,” Dad explained. I could tell by the way he studied me, that he'd struck a bargain. And it was to save me. I glanced at the floor, feeling a mix of emotions, Why had my dad done something like that when I'd always been nothing but a disappointment?

“Let's go then. Tom will be here soon,” I said, leading the way to the car park. While we stood waiting Dad continued to study me.

“For clarification I'm a nephilim,” I said, answering his unspoken question.

“Is that the term? I was trying to figure out how far along the change you were. If you get past fifty percent of your body being ichor, angel or demon, it becomes a lot harder to remain on this plane,” Dad explained. I stared at him at shock.

“And how do you know that kind of stuff?” I asked, wondering if I was about to find out I had a part-something dad.

“I was studying angelic and demonic DNA, I knew what I'd discovered. But no one would back up the claims. And my research got destroyed. By the same beings I suspect,” Dad explained. That would explain why he never mentioned the PhD, he didn't have good memories associated with it.

The End

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