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Chapter Twenty Three: The Visit

The night was so nice, James was so nervous I was scared I was pushing too fast but in the end, things worked out well... Until Darius fucked it all up that is. When he left, after breaking James' nose, I didn't manage to sleep. Over breakfast, the three of us discussed about the plans for the day.

"At sunset, we can go hunt the warlock down, Munnin and his flock have tracked his hideout, he's preparing to try the binding spell again tonight, The moon and star will be in the correct position again." Tom said, between two bites of scrambled eggs.

"Alright, but first I have to go to the hospital, I have an appointment with the psychiatrist." James said, looking down at his plate.

"I'm coming with you." I said. He kept looking at his plate and took his face in my hand and made him look at me. "Listen, Darius can go fuck himself, Angels and Demons are going to be against me anyway. I'm not letting him ruin one of the few good things that happened to me in years."

He nodded sheepishly and we both continued eating silently until we got into Tom's car who dropped us at the hospital. "Call me once you're out, I have to stop at my apartment and load up on weapons and Juju." Tom said before speeding off.

James seemed to know where he needed to go, so I followed him. "We can't trust Darius anymore..." I whispered to his ear when he sat down in a waiting chair. "He was trying to kill you last night and he would have if Tom and I hadn't stopped him..."

He clenched his fist and jaw for a moment, looking down at the tiled floor when the Doctor came and announced his name. We both walked into her office and Dr. Tania Halls introduced herself before asking the usual questions they always do. Mostly asking for a resume of what had happened in the last two weeks. Which wasn't much if you removed the references of demons and angels from it. She seemed satisfied by what we had been up to in our abridged version.

"Amy, could you leave us for a minute? I'd like to talk with James all alone."

"Ehm... Sure." I said with a shrug. She shook my hand and I took the opportunity to scan her aura. It wasn't threatening in the last, it actually felt motherly. I walked out of the room and leaned on the wall not too far from the door. 

After a moment, a middle aged man walked toward me and smiled at me, extending his hand. "You must be Amy," He began, I looked at him and noticed the resemblance that he had with James, especially the eyes, although the glint inside of his were colder, uncaring. "James' girlfriend. I must admit, I'm surprised, I believed my wife had exaggerated your relationship..."

"You must be James's dad." I said, defensively and hesitantly shaking his hands. It felt cold and mechanical in more than one ways. His eyes however looked away from me and over my shoulder.

I turned around and felt the energy trace of the demon Gaap. He moved quickly and grabbed me by the throat before sending a wave of energy pulsing though my body, making my whole body numb. It wasn't like Darius' sleep spell, it felt like getting shot with a taser. I tried to scream but no sound left my throat. 

A second later, I felt the disorientation and vertigo I'd always felt whenever teleporting from one place to another. When I regained my senses, we were standing in what I presumed was an underground storage room. The demon carelessly tossed me onto the cold floor and I sprawled there, my body refusing to move. At least I could breathe again...

"Great... I got kidnapped..." I muttered inwardly, looking around the dark room.

The End

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