Chapter Twenty-two: Consequences

I lay next to Amy in her bed, holding her close and breathing in the smell of her hair. I ran a hand down her cheek, taking in how peaceful she looked asleep. She moved, stretching in her sleep and opened her eyes. When she saw me she grinned.

“Hey there,” she said, taking my hand from her cheek and kissing it. I smiled back, aware I was still blushing, the memory of the past two hours still fresh in my thoughts.

“Hey,” I replied, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close, kissing the top of her head. We lay there, just enjoying the others presence when we heard a loud crash downstairs.

“Wait here,” I said, pulling on my trousers and heading down the stairs, pausing on the landing to peer down. I didn't get much chance to sneak around as someone grabbed me by the arm and threw me into the nearest wall. I had enough time to realise it was Darius when he punched me, twice. Pain blossomed and I felt blood running from my nose.

“Stop!” Amy screamed, just as Darius raised his fist a third time. The commotion pulled Tom from his room and after one look at the scene he shoved Darius away.

“I should've known,” he growled, looking ready to punch Darius a few times back for me. Amy flew to where I lay crumpled on the floor and pushed my hair back from my face. She gently touched my cheek and pulled away when I winced.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she yelled at Darius, her eyes wet and shiny. He looked like he was barely controlling the urge to go at me again. He released a slow breath to calm himself, practically ripping his hair out as he ran a hand through it. When he looked up again the rage in his eyes was just about contained, but easy to set off again.

“Do you understand what you might've just done? The elders weren't unaware of you, they aren't idiots. And now you've gone and done the one thing that will make they go after her again,” Darius said, glaring at me. I met his gaze, confused but scared by what he was saying.

“I don't understand, he's done nothing wrong,” Amy said, clenching her jaw.

“You've both messed up. The only reason we eventually left you alone Amelia, was because your powers will get weaker on a human bloodline. But now you've mated with a nephilim. A angelic or demonic bloodline will grow stronger from you Amy. That's why the demons want you so much, why the angels hunted you so badly,” Darius explained, talking to Amy now. Amy and me exchanged a glance before looking back at Darius.

“We used protection, we're not dumb,” I said. That seemed to relieve some of his stress but not a all of it by far based on the way he paced haphazardly.

“They still won't like the risk. You need to stop what you're doing and move on,” Darius said, meeting my gaze steadily.

“Hell no, I've fought these things my whole life, I'm not going to let them control me forever,” Amy said, standing up and crossing her arms. Darius sent me a look and we both knew what I was thinking. I'd rather Amy was safe, would sacrifice anything for that. Amy had given me a reason to keep living and ignore the darker corners of my mind. I couldn't repay that with selfish desire that led to her death.

“I need to go, try and see what damage I can fix,” Darius said then left in a puff of smoke. Tom glared were he was and glanced at us.

“So, you two were doing it?” he asked, a grin on his face. I sighed and stood up, heading to the bathroom.

“I'm going to clean up this blood,” I said, leaving Tom and Amy to talk. And me with my thoughts as I starred at my reflection in the mirror. If it weren't for the accelerated healing, I'd have one nasty purple bruise for a few weeks. My phone buzzed in my pocket, mum.

“Hello,” I said, leaning against the sink.

“Ah, good, tried a few moments ago but couldn't get through.” she said. That was because I was being beaten to a pulp, I thought darkly.

“What's up?” I asked, wanting this conversation over sooner rather than later.

“I got a call from the hospital, you've skipped two of you're counselling sessions,” she said. I groaned, I'd completely forgotten about that, not that I wanted to go.

“If you miss another they might force to re-admit on one of the psych wards. I'd suggest you go to the one you have tomorrow at 11:30,” mum said, her tone making it clear I had no choice in the matter.

“Fine, I'll be there. Bye mum,” I said. I cut her off before she could reply and slumped onto the floor. Wishing I could go back to twenty minutes ago, when I was happy lying next to Amy.

The End

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