Battle PlanMature

Chapter Twenty One: Battle Plan

"So what now?" I asked, as Tom browsed his huge tome slowly flipping each page. I glanced indie and noticed it was written in enochian. "Wait... How can you read this?" He kept on searching his books until he finally found what he was looking for.

"I'm sorry Amy, but I'm sworn not to reveal the detail of a sorcerer's initiation to anyone or anything..." He explained, his tone firm and steady. "As for what we're doing, I have to hunt the warlock down, that's our first step, we can't allow him to bind a demon to this world."

"Alright. What do we have to do?" James asked, discretely slipping his hand in mine.

"When the demon gave me the warlock's name, he gave me more than just words, but the frequency that it vibrates at. Magical names have a certain signature to it that we can use... Not all I need is to get someone to help me track it down."

"Like who?"

"An Animal, that'll pick the metaphorical scent and scour the city for it's source... It can take a while..." He said. "Which is why I have to hunt down someone to help us."

"Will birds do?" I offered. 

"If we can catch one, then yes."

I grinned victoriously at that and emptied my head, I could still feel a part of me linger elsewhere... I called it back and about two minutes later and entire murder of crow entered the room, flying in from the open window.

"Did... Did you just do that?" James asked, wide eyed as he squeezed my hand. I nodded before explaining. "One of them came to me earlier. Their mind feels odd, like a conduit rather than an entity of their own.

Tom stood up and walked toward the closest, which I knew was the same one that I'd seen earlier and he picked it in his hands. He leaned toward it and whispered a chant when he did, I felt something in the air change, something intangible. 

"I can feel it..." I muttered. "I can taste the thing you put into them... Is that the name's energy?"

He nodded. "They'll search for him. Until then, we prepare for the fight. Warlocks have more power than those like me, when you deal with dark things, you can gain part of their powers..." He let go of the bird and the whole flock left, spreading in every directions. "They should be back by sunrise."

"Alright, now that part's settled, how do we kill it, it's a human right, we can just shoot it or stab it right?" I asked.

"You can kill it like you can kill any human but it's harder, a lot harder. The way we use magic, it just seems like we have incredible luck. But what I'm more worried about is who he hangs around with, he's bound to have some spawns by his side."

"Why is the answer always to go medieval on them?" James asked with a smile.

"Not many things can walk off decapitation, putting holes in someone might work for humans, but as far as supernatural beings are concerned, it's a mild inconvenience."

"Alright, what do we do until then?" James questioned him.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm planning on passing out on the nearest bed I can find and sleeping until dawn."

"It's the middle of the afternoon."

"I know, blow me..." He mumbled as he walked out.

"I told you, he's not a morning person." James joked. "So, what do we do now?" I chuckled lightly and took his hand. "Well, I can think of a few things we can do..." I said suggestively, pulling him closer and kissing him again. "Can you?"

The End

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