Moment of ReflectionMature

Chapter Nineteen: Moment of reflection

James left me there all of a sudden, not telling me where he was going or why he was going there. I was standing like a dumb ass in the entrance of his house trying to pieces things together both with the whole demon mess and what was going on with myself.

I sat down on a stone bench in the garden, looking around, at the overgrown vegetation of the garden and the small plaster fountain that was in the middle of the cobblestone alley. The place where he had places his hands after hugging me still felt warm and so did my right hand. The more I thought about it, the tighter my chest felt and the faster did my heart pound.

"Damn it..." I whispered to the wind. "This is so not the time to be crushing on someone Amy..." 

I knew this wasn't going to end quickly or happily, it never did. I either had to run away or people I cared about would die... As I ruminated, a large raven flew closer and landed standing on top of a statue of one of the cutesie baby angels.

"What do you want?" I stupidly asked the bird and it croaked an answer. "It's a good thing I'm not superstitious, otherwise I'd be running for my life right now." I added, making it tilt it's head sideways.

I imitated him and locked eyes with him, his own eyes were similar to mine, just big black dots surrounded with a tiny strip of white. I could see intelligence shining in them, which reminded me of what Tom had once said about them;

"Although they get a bad rep in judeo-christian myth, Crows and ravens have long being held to be intermediary between the worlds, a link between life and death, bearer of magic. They are also mighty tricksters."

"So, what do you want, I don't have anything to give you." I told it, not sure if it was a male or a female. Again, it croaked at me. I slowly extended an arm toward it, expecting for the bird to fly away, but instead it hopped onto my hand, it's talons holding it there although not strongly enough to hurt much.

It plunged it's gaze into mine and croaked again, almost like it wanted to tell me something. Since it touched me, I tried to catch a piece of it's essence into mine, like I did to read people but instead felt like it was already doing that to me.

"What the..?" I mumbled, letting my consciousness drift into the spiritual hole that was the bird. It too me a second to notice I no longer looked at the bird but at myself. "This is freaky..." I saw my lips move, forming the words which I heard in double.

Without warning, the bird flew off and my vision followed him as he traveled over the streets and buildings, eventually joining a whole murder sitting on top of an old chapel. It continued for a moment until I felt something drag me back to the garden, abandoning the birds mid-flight. 

"Are you alright?" James asked, his voice sounding distant.

I blinked my eyes many times, and my vision returned to normal. James was in front of me, his hands on my shoulders gently shaking me. "Yeah... I'm... fine..."

"Alright..." He said, without much conviction. "I need to tell you something important." He then added, sounding dead serious. 

"Yeah, me too..." I added looking down for a second, feeling my cheeks brightening. 

"What is it?" He asked, looking concerned.

I tried saying something but it came out as incomprehensible mumbling, I tried again but he didn't understand either. I took a moment, breathing deeply before standing up, his visage looked concerned and I just grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the fence roughly much to his surprise. 

I pressed my lips against his and it took him a second or two to process what was going on. I stayed against his body for about a minute before pulling back. 

"Sorry... I had to get it out of my system." I sighed out. "What's going on?"

The End

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