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Chapter Eighteen: Home Invasion

Amy's shouting pulled me from my tired thoughts, when I turned to look at her she looked very annoyed. Since Darius just left I figured it was his fault.

“Are you okay?” I asked, despite two weeks stuck together we haven't actually talked much. Which was confusing considering the hug and kiss two weeks ago. She glanced at me, her mouth drawn down into a frown.

“I'm fine. I just wish Darius wasn't so...” she trailed off, searching for the right words.

“Darius?” I suggested, making her laugh. I preferred it when she was smiling and her laugh was a nice sound.

“Why do you think he's like that?” she asked, sitting down next to me on the floor and resting her chin on one hand. I shrugged, for starters he wasn't human, so why would he share human-like mannerism and emotions? A lot of the preconceptions I'd had about angels and demons had proven wrong.

“Maybe someone hurt him,” I said, it would explain why he keep himself so distant from everyone. Amy considered it and then she grinned, I had a feeling her idea wasn't a good one.

“If Tom, who's human can go to the lower worlds. Then surely you can go to the upper ones? You could investigate and find out the reason!” Amy said, her voice excited about the idea of some drama after our two weeks of boredom. I didn't like the idea of trying to go a whole other plane, not to mention trying to navigate around the upper worlds. I had no clue what the place looked like, or how I would even start searching.

“Bad idea,” I replied, cutting her illusions short before they began.

“Why not?” she asked, damn she could do puppy dog eyes really well.

“I have no clue what the place looks like. And what if your suspicion that he was keeping this whole thing a secret is right? I wouldn't be helping much if I got caught,” I pointed out. After a few seconds of thinking about Amy released a defeated sigh.

“Fine, you win, bad idea,” she muttered. She stood up and headed up the stairs. I left her alone and picked up my sword again. I practised some of routines Darius taught me before giving in to tiredness and going upstairs and grabbing a shower. I dressed quickly and left my hair still dripping and headed to the living room to see how Amy was but she wasn't there. I checked the kitchen too and then the room she'd been using. When she wasn't there either I started to panic. I raced back down the stairs and opened the front door to see if there were signs of forced entry. When I couldn't find any I opened the door and checked outside. No new observer, no odd cars or skid marks to mark a quick get-away. I ran back inside and ran head-first into Amy.

“Ow,” she murmured, rubbing her forehead as I was mine. I didn't think, just wrapped my arms round her.

“Why the sudden hug?” she asked against my shoulder. I pulled away but kept my hands on her shoulders.

“Where did you go? I looked everywhere and when I couldn't find you I thought maybe...” I trailed off, knowing she could fill in the blanks.

“I was in the garden,” she replied with a sheepish shrug. I looked down at the floor and started to laugh, I was such an idiot. We'd never bothered going there once since this whole mess started so I didn't even think of it.

“If this you going insane, you're not going last very long,” she joked, placing a hand on my cheek and lifting my face so I was looking at her again.

“I wasn't sane before this,” I pointed out.

“All the more reason for me to worry about how you're handling this,” she countered. I took her wrist in one hand and lowered her hand from my face.

“I'm the one who's protecting, so you shouldn't worry,” I said, glancing down and running my fingers over her hand. I realised it was a little odd and let her go.

“I should go. Somewhere,” I said quickly, standing up. Amy sent me a confused look but I didn't know how to explain anything myself.

“Tom's still here,” I said, more to myself than her. Then I opened the front door and left, needed a walk to clear my head. I felt bad for some reason, I had a feeling I'd just done another dumb. Amy had looked a little upset. I checked my phone, two missed calls from mum. And a text asking how Amy was. You'd think she'd have started worrying by now. I kept walking until I reached the city center and saw the building my dad worked in. Then the main doors opened and I saw him walking side by side with someone else, his talking very animated. The other man looked bored and maybe slightly annoyed. I paused in my walking to study him more, something about him didn't feel right. They reached a car and my dad got in first. The other guy stopped before getting in and glanced over his shoulder, lanky blond strands of hair half hiding his face. He spotted me and waved, a smug smile on his face.

“Shit,” I whispered when the car drove off. What was my dad doing with a demon?

The End

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