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Chapter Seventeen: Caucus

I was in my room changing out of school clothes when James was startled by something and he began talking to someone, who was most likely Darius. They spoke for a moment about the changes that James was going through and training when I heard the door open, Tom spoke and there was a bit of a commotion.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked, walking into the living room. Tom looks like he was about to faint while Darius had a sword drawn while James was between the two.

“Tom, calm down. He's okay. He's the one who made me.” He explained. 

"What are you doing with a Sorcerer who has the stench of the lower worlds upon him." Darius spat, staring at Tom, his eyes like knives.

"Where did you go Tom, it's been two weeks!" I snapped. "We thought you were dead."

On the couch, Tom leaned comfortably and rubbed his eyes before explaining. "I went to the lower worlds to get answers, I didn't expect to hit a volatile patch of time... It was supposed to take no more than twenty four hours... For me, it lasted maybe two hours top."

I sighed relieved to know but still irked that he'd left us like that. It was a miracle, but the last two weeks had been dead calm, way too calm for my taste... The murdering warlock was still at large and everybody in town was afraid to go out at night because of it.

"You said you learned a name, is that it?" James asked.

"It's enough for me to begin working. As soon as I've rested... I can't do anymore like this." Tom explained. "Tomorrow I'll work on something to find the guy down... In the mean time, watch out for anyone named Dimitri." He got up and started walking to his room when I stopped him.

"There's something you haven't said, I can feel it." I said, putting a hand on his lower arm. 

He looked at me, and I could see in his eyes how much he wished I hadn't noticed. "I had to make a sacrifice to have the strength to go down there... I have one month to find the warlock and kill him."

"You're only saying half of the truth." Darius commented, making Tom snarl in frustration. 

"Fine... Any sacrifice will do, but it's going to be the warlock or myself, I'm not falling down to that monster's level..." With that, he shook off my hand and slammed the door to his room behind him.

"Alright, we have to continue your training, but not here." Darius said, glaring at Tom's room as he said the last part.

"Amelia's coming with us." James insisted, Darius didn't look at me but he agreed. 

"Let me get some of my things then..." I muttered, I could feel cold in Darius' heart from several meters away. I went into my room and threw the first clothes I could find inside my schoolbag as well as one of Tom's swords and an old leather bound tome I found in his stuff several days earlier.

When I stepped out of my room, I felt overcame with vertigo and I tried to hold onto the wall but it wasn't there anymore. After a minute, my mind cleared up and I was back at James' old place, who wasn't in any better shape than I was.

After a brief half understood explanation about dimensional travel, Darius dragged us to the basement where he and James started practicing. Although Darius barely needed to pay attention to defend himself, James' progress where noticeable. 

While they did, I sat down on the concrete floor and opened the book, it was written entirely in an alphabet I couldn't decypher but when I looked at each character, the meaning come to me.

The style was elaborate, poetic and using many metaphors but I understood parts, it spoke of a time before civilization, when the first to die arrived on an empty abyss and where they wandered eternally until some banded together and created a new world from their dreams and imagination. But then a fracture happened when those who's vision was bleak, filled with conquest and excess at the expense of others, the two group split and waged war, resulting in a cosmos that splintered into two worlds separated by an abyss where the living's world hung, suspended in space...

Was this a journal of the beginning of the world? I flipped through the pages quickly trying to learn more when Darius snatched the book from my hands.

"Where did you get this?" He asked, his tone severe.

"In Tom's stuff." I answered.

"He shouldn't have that... Much less be able to read it..." He explained, stashing the book under his arm.

"Why? What's the language, I don't recognize it..."

"True Enochian, only the dead or those who bears angelic or demonic ichor within them can understand the word's meanings. John Dee somehow broke a tiny part of the code, but not enough to really understand... I must leave, now." He said, before vanishing along with the book.

"Hey!" I exclaimed getting up. James was visibly tired from his training session and he shot me an inquisitive look.

The End

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