Tom: Trip to the lower worldsMature

Chapter Fifteen: Trip to the lower world

Tom's Story

A pentagram is drawn, banishing the lingering power in place, I stand atop the vévé of Legba, the guardian of crossroads, the opener of the ways. Cinnamon and sandal wood incense burns, filling the room with thick odorous smoke that drift into my lungs.

Sword in one hand and staff in the other, wearing an armor of black leather from head to toes, old names are spoken, forgotten by all but a few that keeps the ancient lore, names of power to bend space and bind it to my will. The doorway opens, and the cross road is complete. Six, not four direction to go toward. Two more direction are added to the compass, which cannot be pointed toward, only felt.

Down is the pathway I must walk and so I construct the beacon, a psychopomp of shame and disgust, made of everything awful I've ever done. It tugs at me as I unbind my pattern from the world and graft it onto another. My eyes are closed but my mind remains open, capturing the change of energy.

I open my eyes again, not in my room but atop a mountain of bones which thrones in the middle of a desert of ashes and broken dreams. I walk down, on a stair of skulls with empty eyes. In the distance I can see my goal, the palace of one of the lords of decay and corruption, the dark kings with iron crowns.

Nothing live in the lower world, but many things dwell there... Underneath the dunes of ashes shadows move, sometimes glaring at me with eyes burning with hunger for the fool who dare venture onto their realm. 

Faster than the human eye could notice it, a serpent of bones leap at me, only to be reaped down with one ever faster swipe of my blade and it falls into ashes. I am no longer in control, the Morrigan rides me like a horse, bringer of death and strife, nothing may touch her. The price is heavy to pay but necessary...

As I walk toward the ebon gates of the cyclopean castle, every stone made from the despair of the realm's prisoner. Inside the courtyard, lost souls weeps, moan and suffer but I cannot help for they have given in to oblivion long ago, given in to hatred, despair and abandoned their soul for gratification. The inner gates open themselves and I continue further, ignoring the glares from the pit fiends who guard the castle. 

On a throne of rusted iron stands Valefor, one of the kings of the lower worlds. "Tell me, you who dare walks into my domain like he owns the key, what is thine name?" He says, leaning forward and setting his empty eyes upon me.

"I am Murmur."

"That is an old name you have taken, it does not belong to you." His voice raspy, almost like a screech, resonating across my spine.

"I must disagree for Thomas O'Neil died long ago, from the sorcerer's initiation Murmur was born. My old name no longer bears any power for the Ego that was Tom no longer is." I countered, adamant in my tone. "I come to you and ask that you reveal the name of the warlock who has pacted with the demon called Gaap and his ilk."

"And what makes you think I know such information or that I would be willing to reveal it to you who comes uninvited within my realm?" He replied, laughing horridly, making my skin crawl.

"For you are the spirit who reigns over thieves, an surely if you are worthy of that title, you are aware of the dealings of your rivals."

"Perhaps, but what shall I gain in exchange, are you before me to barter your soul?" He said with glee.

"You shall give me the information that I seek and I will depart your domain without any history."

He laughed maniacally for a moment, most likely at the arrogance of the sorcerer before him. When he finished, six demon in armor stepped forward, knowing their orders. They slowly surrounded me and charged at me with their swords. They probably hadn't expected the Morrigan to be riding me because they hardly reacted when I moved faster than them and decapitated half of them in a single movement.

From a pouch on my costume, I withdrew a metallic seal of Solomon and poured demonic blood from my sword upon it before tossing it at the ground in front of the reagent. "By the names Beralanensis, Baldachiensis, Paumachia and Apologiae I command you to answer my question, do not try me fiend." I declared, resonating each of the names deeply in my throat. The seal burned with golden white flames and the demons shrieked before turning to ashes, leaving only the lord standing.

"His name is Anastasios, He use the name of Dimitri in your world." He snarled in pain. Since he answered, the power of the seal died out and I walked away, walking out of the throne room before stepping side way onto our world...

Tired, I crumbled onto my bed and panted heavily. When I reached for my phone, it was covered with a fine layer of dust. I opened and saw the time; I'd been gone two weeks in this world...

"Damn it... I hope she's alright..." I muttered as my eyes closed shut and I drifted into Morpheus' embrace

The End

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