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Chapter Fourteen: Breaking News:

Although there weren't any pictures that the news could show, the caption over the sobbing woman was promising to be much horrifying; 'Three dead in ritual murder in downtown hotel.' The woman, who was in charge of cleaning, had found the bodies earlier this morning when she was sent to clean the room. 

She described the scene in grizzly details, crying and at the same time. The three victims had been decapitated and had their skin cut off entirely before being arranged in a triangle in the center of the room.

Next to me, James' eyes were wide and his expression filled with shock and horror. But it was Tom's expression that worried me, he was livid looked like he was about to be sick, but his eyes shone with comprehension.

"Tom. What is going on?"

"This is bad..." He muttered. "Worse than I thought..."

"What's going on?" James asked, looking worried as he noticed Tom's expression.

"It's not a demon that did this... They have a magician, an honest to god warlock. I know that rite, they tried to bind a greater demon to this world..."

"Like when Darius comes over?" 

"No, angels and demons can only manifest partially, but if they're bound, they're in our world for real, not just partially." He explained nervously. "Stop!" I interrupted him. "You mean they called something even bigger than last night?" He merely nodded an answer and my head went nuts. 

"What do we do?" I asked, and but neither of them had even the beginning of an answer. We all stayed silent for a long moment that felt like torture until Tom finally spoke. "I'm not an expert on this, but I don't think the ritual was a success..." He mused out. "There probably would have been more damage otherwise..."

"Can we find who ever did this and make sure he doesn't succeed, then?" James asked, looking determined, which I hadn't expected. Tom walked a few steps back and forth, lost in his thoughts before finally declaring; "We could, but warlocks have some serious juju they call pull off... But that's assuming we can find him or her."

"So what do we do then?" I asked, looking at the two of them. They traded a look before looking back at me. "I have to go, I'll go do some investigation, You and James, stay together, pretend nothing happened and lay low." He says, James agreeing and me feeling a bit left out.

Tom opened the door and left, promising to come back tomorrow night at the earliest. I wanted to ask him to stay, but it was pointless, he wouldn't listen. On the couch, I shifted position, laying on my back and my head rested on James' laps. I looked up and him and he looked back, a small almost embarrassed smile in the corner of his mouth. 

"You know you can still run, you don't have to stay for me... I can manage on my own, I always do..." I grumbled, knowing the only reason he was with us was because Darius commanded him.

"No, I want to do it." He affirmed, still worried from earlier but confident.

"I'm one part demon, one part angel, a whole mess of problem not to mention that a demon tried to kill you because of me and you're not running away... You're crazy." I said, only partially joking. 

"That's what everybody says." He just replied, shrugging.

From my back, I moved to stand on all four but still on the couch. I looked into his eyes and saw he was serious about this whole mess. "If Darius told you to leave, would you do it." I asked. He looked down, thinking his emotions mixed before looking back up at me, the glow in his eyes told me more than his would would have. I didn't let him speak, instead I crept closer, wrapped my arms around his shoulders and lightly kissed his forehead before hugging him tightly.  I held him, feeling his heart beating furiously and his complexion reddening. Even without feeling his aura, I knew what he was feeling and what he was thinking at the moment...

And maybe he wasn't the only one...

The End

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