Morning SessionMature

Chapter Twelve: Morning Session

I must have been more drained than I thought since I only woke up around eleven, I could hear the two guys talking softly downstairs. Last night was kind of a blur, the guys must have brought me up since all I remembered was watching TV and falling asleep on James' shoulder. 

Despite his wounds, he didn't smell like burned flesh he actually just smelled kind of nice... "Why am I thinking about that?" I mumbled half-asleep to myself as I got up toward the second floor bathroom. I washed my face with cold water to clear my thoughts up before walking downstairs where James was wielding a sword, whirling it around while Tom examined him, commenting on stuff.

"G'morning." Tom greeted me as I walked down the stairs, soon followed by James' own "Morning."

"Hey guys... We're late for schools aren't we?" I asked, guessing.

"Yeah, it's Eleven twenty. I called sick for both of us. After last night, we can probably both use some rest." He declared, turning toward me. I nodded in answer before asking what they were both doing with swords.

"He was training with his sword while I answered his questions about what I know." Tom admitted, going for a nearby table and getting a paper McDonald's bag, before lobbing it to me, which I catched effortlessly. "He wanted to know about gods and their relationship with angels."

My eyes turned toward James as took the food out of the packaging and he responded; "Darius told me there isn't a god, but higher powers. So I was kind of curious what Tom knew." Again, my eyes changed to the other guy and he exposed what he knew.

"Well, Darius was right, gods as people think of them don't exist, but there are big ideas that have existed since before mankind and that will remain when we're done. Concepts like love, war, speed, intellect and etc. Humans gave them names, shapes and stories but these are unimportant, the ideas themselves exist and we can call on them. 

When I call for Ares, I'm not asking for some dude in a battle armor sitting by a magical pond waiting for someone to call to help me, I'm asking the very essence of battle to empower me."

From the inside of his coat, he took out one of the large knives that he had hanged on his bedroom's walls at home, a Kukri and he raised it in a defensive posture, making James do the same with his roman sword. They sparred for a minute as I watching rather curious to see who would be on top. 

James might have had some ichor in him, but Tom was even faster, stronger and more experienced. It took about fourty seconds until the former was disarmed.

"Holy shit..." He said, breathing hard and sweat pearling on his forehead. "How did you do that?" 

"I just told you, The gods can empower me. Or maybe it's the traditional luck o' de Irish." He said with an exaggerated Irish accent. "You're Irish?" James meekly asked. "Born and raised in Dublin." He confirmed. 

"But from Londonian parents." I then added.

"Oh shut up." He playfully said. "When my parents died, I came back here, on a pilgrimage if you want. I ended up settling down not long before I met Amy. I first met her when he was in trouble and I lended her a hand." He explained, making James look at me, one of his brow raised.

"It was around the time I started exhibiting abilities, some spawns attacked me, I managed to beat them, but I collapsed in an alley, it was also the first time I ever excreted ichor from my body. One of them was about to get me when he just wandered in and chased him away." I explain, remembering the awful evening almost perfectly.

"How did you manage to find her?" James asked, making a good point, I'd never once thought about asking.

"You want the long version or the short one?" He asked. "Well, Let's go for the short one. I was on that pilgrimage I talked about, I walked the city night and day searching for a sign from the other world when I stumbled on Amy in trouble."

Both James and I nod, taking the information in. James was about to say something when I informed him that; "There's a woman with large cooking pot walking toward the entrance."

"Oh... It must be my mother... Tom, Hide the sword in the basement." He whispered and the concerned one didn't hesitate to do so, taking both his own blade and James' gladius. He disappeared downstairs just as the door opened, the woman looked at us and I waved at her with an awkward, reserved smile. "Eh... Hi..." 

The End

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