Concerning ThoughtsMature

Chapter Eleven: Concerning Thoughts

I sat there waiting for some strength to return, aware that some of the gold blood, or ichor as Tom had called it was soaking my shirt a little – what was left of it. I glanced at my wrists in curiosity but no matter how I concentrated I couldn't heal the scars. So previous injuries would stay.

“I called the take away place you mentioned. Want me to talk to Amy?” Tom asked. Even though we both knew I understood the situation a little better. At least as far as she was concerned. As far as the crazy world I'd entered? I was barely scrapping the surface I realised. I was started to see how nice and simple purgatory would've been.

“Nah, it's fine, I will,” I said standing up, I groaned as various muscle aches sparked to life. Tom nodded and picked up the menu lying on the coffee table. I opened the door and saw Amy sitting on the pavement, shivering against the cold night air. A glance at the sky told me it could rain at any moment. I raced back inside and flung a jacket over Amy's shoulder. She jumped a little, startled. When she realised it was just me she smiled her thanks and pulled the jacket round her tighter.

“I'm sorry Tom was so ...” she trailed off and I wondered why she was choosing a time like this to apologise for something so pointless.

“Don't worry, he's just being protective, can't fault that,” I said. She hesitated, as if she wanted to say something else, instead she just nodded in agreement.

“I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. Truthfully I didn't know a lot myself,” I said and she laughed. A light spitting rain started and she glanced upwards. Strands of her hair stuck together and I could see droplets glistening, too small to be absorbed.

“On one hand, I don't know what to think of anything anymore. But on the other, I'm glad to know the truth,” she said, she turned to face me head-on. Her pupils shining with an almost ethereal light in the darkness.

“Thanks for telling me,” she murmured. I shrugged, I didn't feel like I should be thanked.

“And for taking care of the demon. How's your shoulder?” she continued, concern etching her tone. She reached out a hand and gently studied the new skin. I felt my cheeks flush a little, it was probably just the cold night air I justified.

“It's fine. But I think I'll be more careful not to get hit with that stuff again,” I joked. She didn't seem interested in laughing about it.

“Don't go into another fight without help. Darius may have sent you here to protect me. But he's crazy if he thinks it'll be that easy,” She said. I nodded, thinking back to what Tom had said.

“Did angels really come after you?” I asked, she nodded silently. I buried my face in my hands trying to make sense of it.

“If angels came after you, then why is Darius suddenly protecting you?” I asked, it was useless, neither of us knew the answer. We just knew the pieces didn't add up.

“You think he's breaking the rules?” she asked, her brow furrowing. I shook my head before shrugging, I had as much clue as her.

“If he is … they might kill you,” she said. I hadn't considered that. But then what would've been the alternative? Work for them and go after Amy instead? There was no way in hell I would do that.

“Let's not worry about it. Though I suggest going back inside. The rains only going to get heavier, and I can't cure colds,” I said. Amy laughed at that jokes and stood up. I let her enter first then I closed the door. A few minutes later greasy take out food and pizza arrived and we watched silly programs on TV until the sound of Amy softly snoring against my shoulder made me turn it off. Me and Tom carried her back upstairs and left her to sleep.

“I'll take the sofa,” Tom offered before I could. I didn't object and headed to my old bedroom. The old furniture was dusty and most of the free floor space was covered in boxes of old crap. I fought my way through the sea of cardboard and flopped onto the mattress, not even bothering to get a sheet or covers. I was so worn out I didn't care.

The End

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