A Lesson of SorceryMature

Chapter Ten: Lesson of Sorcery:

Tom and I talked while James was out to get food. He was adamant about why I shouldn't trust James, he had a point, both angels and demons had attacked me at one point or another, but there was something different about him, he didn't bear even the slightest trace of anger, inside of him. 

"Look, he's new to all this; I've scanned his aura, he's as harmless as a teddy bear." I responded to his arguments. "That's why they must have picked him." He replied, just as James came back inside, clenching his arm and grinding his teeth together in pain. Needless to say, he hadn't brought anything back.

"Holy shit, what happened?" I asked, on the verge of freaking out.

"A demon... I got him to retreat." He grunted out, sitting down on the floor.

"Let me look at it." Tom offered and two glared at each other before James nodded an answer. His flesh was badly burned around the shoulder and when Tom touched it, plaques of it fell down on the ground, quickly dissolving and making James squeal painfully. A bit of blood poured out of the exposed wound and it slightly glowed gold. "What the fuck?" James said when he noticed.

"Relax, it's just ichor, angelic blood if you will. Nephilims like you have a tiny bit in your system. Just breathe and focus on healing, you know how, right?" Tom said, calmly as he cleaned up the wound. "Yeah, I do..." He whispered as he forced the wound closed with his mojo.

When it was done, he panted from the effort and laid against the wall for a while. "How do you know this, are you an angel or a demon?" He asked, his eyes glowing with defiance. "Neither, I'm a sorcerer." Tom answered off-handedly as he rose back up. "Like Harry potter?" The other asked, half-joking. Angels were one thing, magic was another thing he probably hadn't digested yet.

"Not really, we're just muggles like everybody out there, on the other hand,we learned how to do stuff. We don't have ichor in us so we need other sources of energy." He explained before pointing at the door. "Look, I fixed the chain." he said with a grin.


"I just knitted the pattern back in place. It's abstract but it's what we do most often, bind and unbind things together; be it spirit or physical. We can also do the same with patterns of fate, that's how we 'divine' the future but most often, it just makes us seem really lucky."

Both James and I nodded at the explanation, I had never really asked much about it, since I'd never been sure if he was serious or not... Apparently, he was.

"Do demons have ichor in them?" James asked. 

"Every supernatural beings has a form of it inside it's body, in one form or another, Demons bleed black."

"And what does silver ichor mean?" I asked timidly, making both of them turn toward me, James in particular looking uncomfortable. "You have both demon and angel blood in you." He admitted after moment where he looked like he would prefer to slice his throat than continue... "You... You're kidding me, right?" I asked, wide-eyed. 

"He isn't." Tom responded. "I had my suspicions but he confirmed it."

"What does that make me then?"

"I have no idea, as far as I know you're the only one to ever exist."

"Others must have existed before, a demon raped my mother, couldn't have been the first time." I babbled as the gears in my head started spinning out of control. Tom looked rather tense as he slowly explained. "You couldn't have been the product of rape, angels, demons and spirits don't work like we do, intent means far more on the outer planes than biology or physics. If she became pregnant she must have wanted it."

When he spoke I almost chocked down on my own saliva. Not only had I learned that my parents weren't my real ones, but I was the love child of the union of angels and demons, two things that had been after me since I was nothing but a kid...

"I need some air..." I whimpered, my breathing growing stronger and my may heart pounding severely. I felt like I was about to burn and I couldn't breathe. I stumbled outside  where a light rain was now falling and just feel down to my knees breathing.


The End

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