Chapter Eight: Revelations:

I was sprawled onto a bed, my eyes felt heavy just like my whole body. I couldn't move but voices came to me, I had the feeling they were next to me, but they felt distant and distorted. I took a moment to try to piece together that had happened. I got ambushed in an alley but then someone helped me and I collapsed to the ground exhausted. My whole body ached but my right arm, neck and upper chest were even worse, something was probably broken I thought.

"Faster!" A man said and a second later, I heard metal clash together and again a second later. 

"I'm going as fast as I can." Another panted, his voice sounding familiar. "You won't survive against beings from the lower world with this speed." The first one said, not sounding even slightly exhausted. Another set of clash resonated around and then I heard someone crash loudly on the floor.

I  struggled to force my eyes open and I saw a man and a younger guy, the former was standing a sword in hand while the other was down on his butt, a similar blade a few feet away.

"Listen to me," The man said. "When you fight a true demon, you have to either take off it's head or remove it's heart. It'll heal from anything else if you give it time." As he spoke, he grabbed the other blade that was laying on the ground and picked it up. A second later, it vanished.

"How do you expect me to do that?" The young one snarled, irritated.

"True demons don't step in this world often, they're bound tot he lower worlds like I am to the upper ones. That's why they'll send spawns, people going through transition, like you are. They're weaker but they can live here." The other answered, turning toward me.

"She's beginning to wake up... Much earlier than normal, as I should have  expected." He then noted. "I... I have to go..." He disappeared just as he finished the sentence. Slowly, the other guy came closer and I finally recognized him. 

"James?" I asked, perplexed as I managed to sit down, feeling less numb with every second that passed. He looked away, seemingly embarrassed. "Why am I here, Where am I?"

"You got attacked, you're at my old house." He answered.

"How did I get here, you weren't with me. Where you following me?" I asked, suspicious.

"Darius brought you here." He said, still not looking at me. 

He must have seen something that scared him about me. It always happened with people, they saw something and they freaked out. I took a moment to think and then I noticed why he wasn't looking; my top was in pieces, must have been from when I knocked the attacker.

"Ehm..." I said, hiding behind the bed sheet. "Do you have something for me to wear?" I asked, awkwardly. Thankfully, he had brought some clothes and he passed me one of his shirt. While he searched around, I took the stripped pieces of cloth off me and just slipped on what he gave me right there, not caring about modesty, he'd seen it all anyhow and it wasn't like there was much to see to begin with...

"It's about midnight." He declared before I could ask. "You've been asleep for about six hours."

"Thank you." I articulated, the words almost hurt as they came out of my mouth.

"No problem, you can keep the shirt if you want..." He mumbled.

"Not for that, but for putting up with the bullshit that follow me... For not freaking out about my eyes and all." I explained, a tiny smile forming on my lips as I though of what he had said early.

"Well... To be entirely fair, I didn't get much of a choice, Darius put me up to it." He admitted. "I see... Was it all an act?" I asked, looking strait into his eyes, thankfully, he didn't flinch.

"No." He muttered after a moment of silence. "You're one of the only people who doesn't look down at me, like I'm a failure."

I crashed back down on the bed and burst out laughing for about a minute. "What's so funny?" He asked, truly looking lost. "You know, we're not that different, where ever we go, people treat us like pariahs." As I spoke I rolled off the glove covering my right arm, showing the skin underneath to him. "You aren't the only one with battle scars... The only one everybody hate."

I curled up a bit on the bed, making the sheet into a big ball I pressed against myself just as somebody bashed on the front door several times in rapid succession. "I suggest you open up, before he rams the door down."

The End

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