Snatches of TruthMature

Chapter Seven: Snatches of Truth

I glanced at the text and tried to figure out how to reply. She probably figured it was Martin, and it partly was. But mostly I was just trying to work out how bad a mess I'd gotten myself into. And angry for not asking Darius more questions. I got off at my stop and started walking home, seriously considering grabbing my keys and running to the old house. Might be a good place to get an angel to say more than a few sentences. My phone rang then and I saw it was Amy, why would she call me?

“Hello?” I asked and winced as a string of curses were thrown my way.

“I didn't know angels could swear,” I murmured when Darius stopped.

“It's your job to protect her and you let her go off alone,” he growled down the phone. Something had happened?

“Is she okay?” I asked, stopping to lean against a nearby wall. How was I meant to know someone would go after her during a five minute walk home?

“She is, but only thanks to me. We need to meet up now. Somewhere safe,” Darius said. So much for considering the old house. I gave him the address and raced the rest of the way home. I also packed a few things in a bag. I had a feeling I was hiding there for a few days.

“Call twice a day,” Mum demanded before handing me the keys.

“I promise. I'll be able to revise better this way,” I said. That part would've been true if it weren't for the fact I wasn't actually going to be alone. She frowned, considering my words before giving them to me.

“Wait,” she said before handing me some money.

“You better eat right as well,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said then grabbed a bus. I glanced at my phone and knew Darius was probably waiting very impatiently outside the front door. Then again being an angel he probably broke in somehow. I found the worn little town house easily and put the key in. Darius was nowhere to be seen and the door wasn't bashed in. Which considering how mad he'd been was a relief. I opened the door and locked it behind me then dumped my stuff in the hallway.

“Darius?” I asked, checking all the rooms downstairs and finding nothing. I climbed the creaky stairs and found him in one of the bedrooms. Amy was on the bed looking well at ease. Though I could see bruising spreading across her neck and chest.

“You,” he glowered the moment he noticed me. He didn't even give me a chance to defend myself and grabbed me by the collar slamming me against the wall with enough force to jar my spine.

“I didn't know-” He cut me off by dropping me to the floor.

“I warned you she needed protecting,” he yelled. I glanced at Amy who moved in her sleep. If he kept his voice raised she was going to wake up any moment.

“Which was kind of vague, as is everything you've said. How about an actual explanation of what's going on here?” I asked, mad at myself everytime I saw the bruising on Amy. At least she was sleeping soundly for the moment. Darius studied me for a few seconds, contemplating my words before sighing.

“Amelia is unique. And a lot of people are after her for the wrong reasons. Most want to kill her because of what she represents. But there are some that want to use her, learn from her,” Darius explained.

“What do you mean by learn from her?” I asked, recalling him calling her special before.

“Study her, research her to see what abilities she has,” he said. From the cryptic tone in his voice, the studying wouldn't be pleasant for Amy.

“But what makes her special? She has weird eyes, but genetic blips happen all the time,” I said. Darius glanced at her, a torn look on his face. It was probably the first time I'd seen an emotion other than anger on his face.

“She the result of an unnatural pairing. Her mother was an angel, her father a demon,” Darius finally said. I had a feeling there was more to the story than just that, if the mother was the angel why was he so invested? But I decided not to push my luck.

“This place is away from my family, you can show me how to fight and defend her. But I think she should know, should learn to defend herself as well,” I said, Darius couldn't deny my logic but he didn't look happy with the idea.

The End

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