Going HomeMature

Chapter Six: Going Home

I don't know what the jackass said to James, I couldn't hear from where I was seated, but it must have been something serious, when the bell rang he looked livid, and he barely spoke any words for the rest of the day... He barely looked at me and when the last class ended, he just showed me the bus stop and he went silent again.

We stepped on it and awkward silence reigned between us for several minutes until I stepped off the bus, only a handful of street corners from where I wanted to go. I looked at the Bus as it slowly moved away and turned a corner and I took out my phone, texting the number he gave me. "The fuck is going on? You alright?"

I waited a minute but no answers came so I loudly sighed, feeling irritated beyond belief and I started walking. My roommate worked at a tattoo parlor that wasn't all that far from school, just a block or two away from where I was. I walked for a minute or two until I stepped into an alley, which was much shorter than going all the way around the city block, something most girls would be scared to do, but I wasn't scared for one, and when you come from the suburbs, it's not something that comes to mind.

Before walking in, I scanned the alley; It was empty except for a cat rummaging through a trash can. I went about half of the way when I heard loud barking, making me jump in place, my heart speeding up. I frantically looked all around me but found nothing. I turned around and started walking again when I literally bumped head first into some guy's torso. I stepped back again and looked at the guy who hadn't been standing there a second ago; He was big, huge would be better suited actually. Maybe seven and a half feet tall and the size of a frickin' fridge. 

I didn't say anything, the brief moment when I had touched him had been enough to take a good feel about him. He had, no, radiated that sense of wrongness that only belongs in the most deranged of serial killers. I didn't hesitate to run but his hands caught my arm faster than I could move.

I looked at him and he grinned like a goddamn maniac, so I kicked him in the legs, not a weak 'girly' kick mind you, but right down on the bone with my ankle, like I learned long ago in kickboxing lessons. Which normally sends the guy down on his knee unable to get up.

That guy on the other hand hadn't gotten the memo that these things hurt and he slammed me against the nearest wall, his other massive hand pushing me right on the chest, cutting my breathing down. I didn't hesitate anymore and I took the knife Tom had given me out with my available hand, jabbing it strait into the guy's massive exposed neck. The blade struck right where his jugular was, but he didn't seem to notice it.

"What the hell..." I tried to articulate, short of breath. My vision was getting blurred and my lungs were screaming for more air. At that moment, something inside of me stirred up and exploded. There was a bright flash of silvery light and the guy was sent against the opposite wall, making frickin dent into the bricks. But that didn't stop him, he rose back up rather slowly as vertigo overtook me and I emptied my stomach's content on the ground next to my feet as I used an arm to support myself on the wall.

The guy or what ever he was walked up to me, looking furious. He raised one hand ready to strike at my exposed face when someone spoke in a language I didn't know yet understood.

"I suggest that you leave immediately Gaap." He said, in a language that was closer to glossolalia then anything else. The tone still felt menacing.

"She belongs to the lower world and as Malak you know it well." My attackers said as I tried to catch my breath again. From here, I couldn't see the new man but he slowly stepped closer, an old sword in hand, one of those you see in the movie Gladiator, a gladius.

A car moves pass the alley's entrance and cast long shadows of both men, my attacker's, Gaap's shadow looked abominable, twisted and deformed, while the other looked much more normal albeit rather imposing.

"She belongs to neither the upper nor the lower world, her place is here. I will no repeat again. Leave now, or prepare to face me." When he said that, he exuded a dark purplish glow from all around him and his eyes became shining beacons.

Gaap lat out a anger fueled shriek and he stepped right into the wall, just vanishing through it. I looked at the new comer, his green eyes impossible to miss. He took a step forward and muttered something. A second later, my whole body felt heavy and I collapsed on the cement floor.

The End

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