Exchanging NumbersMature

Chapter Five: Exchanging Numbers

I followed Amy out of class and studied her back as we walked, I hadn't expected her to be accepting. Most people avoided me or outright made fun of me. We grabbed a bench in the shade and I drummed my fingers nervously on the table. I hadn't eaten lunch with a friend since I was in primary school.

“So where do you live?” Amy asked, seeming completely at ease.

“Outskirts of the city. We used to live in the city center but mum wanted to live near a park,” I replied with a shrug.

“That was lucky, those houses get taken pretty quickly,” she said.

“My dad doesn't do anything but work,” I said as way of explanation. She nodded and ate some more of her food. I had a bad feeling about where her thoughts where headed – why on earth is a kid with well-off parents depressed? I'd had a fair amount of people poke me with the question, usually in a very angry manner. I played with my own greasy looking canteen food and wondered what I was meant to do now. I'd met, I'd kind of gotten to know her. Were we friends yet? I didn't really know how the whole process worked. And what about what Darius said? I had to protect her, but she looked pretty capable of defending herself. Though her style could just be an attempt to look tough.

Was I allowed to tell her everything? Darius had never said anything about it. Then again he also hadn't explained why she was special.

“You're thinking about something serious,” Amy stated, startling me a little. Had it been that obvious on my face?

“Yeah, there's someone I know who's being really vague,” I said. She raised an eyebrow and I realised she'd misunderstood.

“Not you, someone else I know. He asked me to do something, but he hasn't even explained why and...” I trailed off, not really sure how to finish the sentence.

“That does sound unhelpful. For all you know, you're doing something not-so-good,” she said with a small laugh. I hadn't considered that, I realised. But Darius was an angel, so he had to be a good guy, right? Okay, her pupils are weird, and since angels exist, I guess demons could. But there's no way in hell she's evil.

“Wow, what did he ask you do? Break into a bank?” Amy asked, humour still lacing her tone. If I just told her, this would easier. Though how do I do that without sounding crazy?

“Why'd you move here?” I asked, deciding to switch subjects. She choose to let it pass without comment thankfully.

“Just needed to get away...” she said, though I could tell she was holding back something.

“I understand that, but whole new city seems excessive. I just run away to our old house,” I said.

“You still have your old house?” she asked. Great, now I definitely sounded like a rich, spoilt brat.

“That's awesome, mind if I use it when I need to escape my overbearing room mate?” she asked. I starred at her in confusion. It seemed everytime I tried to guess her reaction I got it completely wrong. Was I that socially inept?

“Er, sure. Though I'll need to lend you keys. Let me give you my number,” I said, scrawling it on a piece of notepad.

“I'll text you so you know my number,” she said taking it happily. It'd be nice to get a text from someone other than my parents I thought as she jumped a little in her chair. Was she that desperate to get away from her room mate.

“What's your room mate like?” I asked.

“Pretty eccentric, he studied up on lots of different cultures and prays to gods, stuff like that,” she said, laughing as she went.

“Well, least he's interesting?” I pointed out, making her laugh more.

“I guess. He also looks out for me which is nice,” she added. I needed to meet her room mate. Maybe she couldn't know stuff, but someone who believed in gods might just believe in angels. And if he's already protective he should be happy to help me out.

“You get in a lot of trouble or something?” I meant it as a joke, but I saw her face fall a little at the words. Maybe the protection Darius wanted was overdue.

“If someone troubling you, you can always hide out at my actual home,” I said. She watched me for a few minutes before giving a single nod.

“I'm fine, but thanks for the offer,” she said. Darius was so going to explain everything to me when I got home.

“How do you get home?” Amy asked.

“By taking one of three buses, whichever turns up first,” I replied.

“Can you catch those from any stop?” she asked.

“Probably,” I shrugged,” why?”.

“I'm still learning the city a little and I got a lift into school,” she said.

“Ah,” I said, getting the hint. The end of lunch bell rang and we headed to our next class, English.

“I'll text you my address,” she said when we reached the door and she saw we couldn't sit next to each other. Though one of us had to sit next to Martin. I wasn't about to let her do it so I sat down, mentally preparing myself for the side comments.

The End

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