Chapter Four: Suspicions.

When he pushed the two jack asses, although it was a rather feeble movement, both of them ragdolled onto the floor with rather surprised look. I couldn't help but frown at it. The two bullies seemed shocked by it, just like the guy himself.

The guys slowly rose from the floor, their surprised turning to anger while James stood there dumb founded, so I took his hand and dragged him along. "Let's get moving." I announced and he started following me. We took a look at my schedule and we were both in the same classroom again.

While I held his hand, I did something, it's rather hard to explain what, Tom would probably say something about reading auras or whatnot. I emptied my head and sort of metaphysically tugged at him. A second later, I felt a part of his him drift into my head, not as vocal thoughts images or even his feelings, more like several layers of statics at different frequencies that tell me what I want to know.

He was nervous, kind of relieved at the same time and still shocked by what he'd done however in the background, I could feel some lingering hurt that hadn't yet closed. I also could feel he was thinking about me, but not how so. When we stepped inside the IT class room, he noticed I was still holding his hand and his cheeks turned to several bright shades of pink and red.

"Sorry." I apologized, letting go and ending the contact.

"It's okay." He mumbled and his eyes went on to explore the floor tiles. Now, I was pretty sure what he was thinking. Although with his awkward demeanor, I had the feeling he hadn't ever done anything.

We sat down, again, next to each others and he went silent for a moment as the computers booted up. By the looks of it, we were the first group that had IT this morning. "What was that guy speaking about, that you failed at?"He stared back down at his shoe, not answering, his eyes just turning empty and sad. 

Seeing as he wasn't answering took another look at him. "You tried to kill yourself didn't you?" I asked quietly after half a minute of silence, making his eyes go wide. "How?" Was all he answered, whispering the word. "I picked his arm and turned them upward. "These." I said, looking down the long line of scars that ran along his wrists.

He stared back down at the floor and I couldn't help but pity the guy. It didn't take a genius to figure out people didn't like him much around here. Silenced reigned for a while and the teacher began speaking, I only half listened as I stayed lost in my thoughts. 

"Can... Can I ask you something?" James asked, breaking the silence. I nodded and he continued. "Are those your real eyes?"

This time, it was my turn to stares at the floor, which needed a good cleaning, I gazed at it for a moment before sighing and answering. "Yes... They are... I couldn't find my contacts this morning." I admitted, using my left hand to conceal them behind my fringe.

In a move that surprised me, he hesitantly pushed the locks of hair out of my face and he looked away saying; "You don't have to hide them because of me..."Now, it was my turn to turn crimson, even the guys I'd been with couldn't stand being locking eyes with me. Apparently the discomfort was shared since he looked away, also blushing.

We both went silent for some time, focusing on the subject at hand and soon enough, the bell rang, announcing the lunch break. I turned around as he packed his stuff and asked him. "Want to get something to eat?" More timidly than usual.

"Alright..." He answered, looking what I thought was relief or maybe satisfaction. He walked out and I followed him.

The End

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