The GirlMature

Chapter Two: The Girl

Amelia's Story

First day of school started in a rather shitty way if you ask me, and then only got worse as it went on...

I woke up with the sudden urge to hurl and barely made it to the sink when the stuff came out. However, it wasn't what I was expecting; instead of half-digested foodstuff and stomach fluid, what came out was silver liquid that writhed in place.

"Are you pregnant?" My roommate asked, his expression making it clear he was joking. He stepped closer and I caught his reflection in the mirror. He was a pretty tall guy, that stood out in a crowd even more than I did due to his white mess of spike that formed something that vaguely looked like a Mohawk.

"Fat chances, I haven't been with a guy in months, Tom."

He came closer and took a gander at the content of the sink, arching an eyebrow before commenting; "That stuff again? And how much times did I tell you to call me Murmur."

"Yeah, it's been happening more and more often since I left home... Look, I'm not calling you frickin' Murmur, Ever." I declared firmly, hopefully getting the message across. Although he was that kind of guy who hanged around the occult crowd and he even had a shrine or an altar set up in his room, he was kind of cool. Which was why I didn't mind him seeing me in nothing but underwear and a tee that hugged my forms due to the cold sweat that clung to me. Well, that and he occasionally brought guys to stay for the night with him. 

He opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off, shooing him out of the bathroom, locking the door behind. I quickly washed the grime off my body in a rather cold shower, jump starting me awake for real. When I got out, I took another look in the sink, the stuff was still there, twisting, contorting in place. 

I closed my eyes for a moment and breathed deeply, the stuff flowing back in. When it did, I could feel a tingling sensation running along my spine and I felt dizzy for an instant. 

I got my clothes on, going for a pair of skinny jeans with strategically places holes all over the legs and a black tee with a skull. I opted to skip out jewelry beyond a leather choker and the studs that adorned my ears. 

"Shit, shit, shit... Where are they?" I asked myself, frantically searching around.

"Where's what?" Tom asked, leaning against the frame of the bathroom door.

"My contacts, I can't find them."

"Aren't they just cosmetic? What's the big deal?" He asked.

"I can't walk around like this..." I grumbled, looking at him in the eyes. Another thing I like about Tom; He doesn't shudder or look away when I look at him. Since I've been a child, a lot of people said weird things about my eyes; that they were soulless abyss, or that they belonged to the devil... Bottom line people freaked out when they saw pure black eyes, where you can't differentiate the iris from the pupil, just one large inky dot  that reflected anything in front of me.

"You'll be fine." He insists, not really convincing me. "We've got to go now, or you'll be late."

I lat out a deep sigh of frustration and grabbed my bag and running down the three flights of stairs down to the street where his car waited for us.  "Are you sure you're alright to go this morning?" He asked as I sat in the passenger's seat.

"Yeah, I'm alright, beside, it can't be worse than the Catholic school my mum sent me to before. At least I have the right to put my game face on." I responded as I applied the last touch of make up around my eyes. 

Like always, he drove really quickly, sometimes far above the speed limit. When we got to the school, I has quite a few minutes to go before having to get in. I opened the door but he grabbed my arm, handing me something.

"You think it'll be necessary?" I asked, taking the butterfly knives and stashing it in my pocket. "Better safe than sorry." He replied. "But don't worry, things are going to be alright, I asked Ganesha for his blessing."

"That's the elephant-headed one, right?" I offered reluctantly. When it came to religions, he was kind of hectic, 'working' with Celtic, Hindu and even Voodoo gods. 

"Yep. The remover of obstacles, the patron of scribes. He's smiling on you today Amy."

"Alright..." I answered, a smile in the corner of my mouth. I honestly never knew what to think of all the religious hoodoo and all that...

I closed the door behind me and walked toward the entrance, several people looking at me. Although I love my look, it can make me stick out like a sore thumb, especially with the purple streaks that run in my hair.

I ignored as best as I could the people looking at me, passing by a guy that wolf whistled at me and entered the administration. I got closer to the desk and the woman spoke. "What can I do to help you... Miss..." She posed for a second when her eye met mine, and she looked a tad uncomfortable, making me stares down at my toes, mumbling an answer. "I'm new here, I just need my schedule and all..."

And took a second to react and fumbled around the desk before finding a dossier. "Miss. Amelia Thorne is it?" She asked, looking away from me, handing some papers at me. "Here's your agenda and schedule. You can go to the library for your student card during lunch."

I grabbed the bunch of things and she gave me the direction to the first classroom; Math. Which I found easily, the school was a large 'L' making it rather easy to find your way around. I knocked on the door since the class had started a few minutes ago and the teacher opened the door, inviting me in.

"You must be Amelia." He began. "I'm Mr. Blackburn, why don't you take a seat over there?" He said, pointing to a free desk next to a dark haired guy. I meekly made my way there, looking down so I wouldn't lock gaze with any of them.

I sat down and the guy looked at me, hesitating a second before declaring. "Hi... I'm James..."

"Amy." I responded absently, not looking at him.


The End

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